In this video, you're gonna learn the best paid 
traffic for Digistore24 affiliate marketing   this is Digistore24 tutorial for beginners this is 
by far the most requested video and it's time to   let you know exactly what the secrets are because 
I'm gonna show you some things that your guru that   you are following he doesn't either know about 
or he doesn't wanna show you how to do it so I'm   gonna show you tips and tricks we're gonna do it 
only with three easy steps but before we get going   make sure to subscribe and hit that notification 
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and let's make some money okay before we get going   I just want to let you know I'm not selling any 
course at all this is free because I'm just giving   something back relax there's nothing for you to 
buy there's no course here so let's go to work   the first thing I'm gonna tell you about is what 
free app to use to find the best-paid traffic   for digital24 affiliate marketing the 
second thing, before I go to this the   second thing is I just want to let you know that I 
do have a link and the link is in the description   you can go ahead and pause this video right now 
click on that link and the link should say the   best affiliate marketing traffic so you can follow 
along with me because this is very important for   you to make money online number two tricks of how 
to find the best professional to help you promote   Digistore24 affiliate marketing products a lot of 
people that want to make money affiliate marketing   but the problem is they don't know exactly how 
to use that platform number three how to save   money by using communication tricks with lead 
providers to make money on Digistore24 fast so   make sure that you are following along with me 
now in case, you missed my last one I go in-depth   a little bit more of how to really dig into it 
make sure to watch that in case you don't know   let me know in the comment below you want that 
video and I'll send it to you so you can watch   it as well because if you get this video and the 
video before that and probably the video after   that you're gonna be way ahead of anybody else 
the platform is called I you probably heard of you   to be but I can tell you and I can assure you I'm 
gonna tell you some things you don't know anything   about and you probably been doing it wrong for 
all this time because most affiliate marketers   do it wrong unfortunately the stuff that I'm 
gonna show you hardly anybody will show you these   things online.

Okay right now we're on a platform 
Udimi so what I did is I put Make Money Online   what I did is let me go back here just to let 
you know I click on Keyword and then upload   make money online okay and then click submit and 
then all the people who can help with make money   online they show up before I go any further I 
just want to explain a few things for you to   understand one of them is when you look at this 
you can just scan this person charges 69 cents   per lead in other words you would get that lead 
you would receive that lead and each lead is 69   cents 62 percent made sales I just want to let 
you know that what that is so that person is good   this number right here is an indicator of the 
people that liked they gave him thumbs up which   is twenty thousand twenty-one thousand over twenty 
one thousand people didn't like that which is four   so this person is good I have used them before 
he is very good at what he does so when you go   in here you can click maybe you cannot afford 69 
cents you can afford maybe 44 cents now let's go   ahead and just click on that person now you know 
exactly what these numbers are this is something   that you can click very quickly now you let's go 
ahead and just click on that and start from here   the average this is the average time that person 
will get back to you whether they're gonna do   your or help you or not which is five hours 
this is repeat customers 18 percent come back   the people that actually use him make sales 49 
and thumbs up he's got about 3,156 the next box   is important this will give you the control of how 
many clicks you want to place now of course this   is a slider bar he would not do anything below 
100 which is of course if you're doing anything   below 100 might as well don't do anything because 
you can't tell exactly if things are going to   work or not but my recommendation is to do 300 in 
order for you to know if things are working or not   the next one here is a Premier.

A Premier filter 
this is good it's not expensive it's only 0.03   cent which is when you click it we 
use it all the time because it does   extra filtering for you so you will get the top 
leads it doesn't cost that much here it says only   top tier do not this is cost money this cost 
about uh 25 cents do not click on that I'm   gonna tell you why here in just a little bit only 
mobile don't ever do that don't ever click on that   in this box, you do have two options one of them 
is a link only and then a text he's gonna send   the 300 clicks or leads to that link that you 
see right here now there are other options that   I will show you in just a little bit so that link 
could be your landing page for your funnel I put   Google for example right here I did give you a 
funnel you can use that funnel if you want to   or they can build you a funnel what I mean you 
can use the funnel you can put the landing page   that you have and what they do is they look at 
it and they give you whether they can do that   for you or not and they get back with you very 
quickly here you can only do link if you want   to or you can just put text when you click on this 
you put text you can write the text that you want   and put some links in it what he does that person 
he would send it to his list whatever the text is   I don't recommend that too much because he knows 
his list a lot more than you so I would have him   write it for you send him a message you go 
right here send him a message and ask him   if he can do that for you he needs to know what 
kind of product that you are selling so this is   very important now after that you click on finish 
order and then you pay for it and then you wait   for the provider to let you know if he can do it 
or not or if he thinks his list matches what you   are selling so this is what's good about it here 
is very hard to cheat because people do rate them   and if they're not doing a good job the rating 
will suffer their rating will suffer and then   they will be kicked out by Udimi they will just let 
them go they will not allow them to do anything on   their platform in case you want to have this 
person build you a funnel you can have them   do a funnel for you ask them and they will do a 
funnel, of course, it's gonna make it's gonna cost   more money some of them what they do is that if 
you're buying enough clicks they'll do it for free   always ask them this is how you win so don't 
think it's just only one niche or affiliate   marketing or whatever it is almost everything 
we've been doing this for a very long time   almost every product that we launch we launch 
it right here on this platform because we do   get really good leads these are filtered leads and 
they're good ones if they're not we will put down   that this person is not providing good ones and 
it's filtered in other words if somebody is using   Bots or using some kind of a software to generate 
something fake they will know about it so if you   are doing Digistore24 this is very important 
for you to do now of course I did mention free   traffic as well and I did a video about free 
traffic the best thing is to marry both of them   for Digistore24 affiliate marketing or 
for any other affiliate marketing network   when you do both this is how you 
win and this is exactly what we do   in case you need that video Digistore24 tutorial 
for beginners, free traffic make sure you put it   in the comment and ask for it okay, the reason 
I told you not to pick only Top Tier because   it costs you money and there is a trick to it if 
you go down here you can find out that this person   that's what he does it only top tier why pay more 
money for something he's already doing so these   are pretty much top tier countries not all of them 
but most of them and some of them they only have   this one has 96% top tier countries so 96 percent 
almost all of them are top tier so do not click on   this at all to get top tier countries okay make 
sure you pay attention to this because this is   very important now out of this and I'm talking 
about a hack the hack is that I told you about   is that how to pick the right person and how to 
do it and what to do you can communicate with   them and you can get them to do things that other 
people don't even bother to do you can do that and   benefit from the other thing is is that this 
is what what is the most important number here   the most important number to us is repeat 
customers because if people are happy and they're   getting results they will come back it says here 
18, so keep that in mind the higher the better in   our opinion now right here is important but not 
as much the reason for that is because some people   do not sell anything they just want to build their 
email list they're not selling anything they're   just giving something away just to get someone to 
opt-in to their email marketing list so make sure   that this is important the other thing obviously 
is the thumbs up thumbs down this person is like   flawless looks like everybody liked everything 
he does this is important please make sure you   understand this and you apply it if you want to 
start your journey with affiliate marketing and   know everything about affiliate marketing how 
to get started very quickly and start making   money make sure to click up here if you want to 
make thirteen thousand dollars with Digistore24   on autopilot make sure to click right 
here and as usual I will see you at the top

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