Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (What You NEED to Know)

it's a lot easier than you might think to become an amazon affiliate marketer in recent years thousands of people have gotten out of the nine to five rat race by tapping into this lucrative opportunity and depending on how you approach it affiliate marketing with amazon can either be a full-time gig or simply a decent way to earn a passive source of income here's everything you need to know the basics amazon affiliate marketing is a digital referral program when you become an amazon affiliate you're basically entering into arrangement where amazon pays you a commission to send their platform more customers by promoting amazon products via your website blog or social media channels you'll get a cut of every single sale amazon's affiliate program pays affiliates based upon the number of customers that they send to the platform who then make a purchase within 24 hours this is a win-win scenario where amazon earns money by making sales and you get a chance to monetize your audience all you have to do is sign up on the amazon associates website after you've signed up you can use amazon's linking tools to promote any product you can imagine to your audience we'll cover the commission structure for each product category later this program is best suited for content creators influencers publishers and bloggers if you already have a lot of followers on social media or traffic to your website you'll likely have a lot more success than if you try to promote to your friends in real life finding your niche amazon is an e-commerce marketplace that is home to literally millions of products which means this can work for any niche you're passionate about for example if you operate a blog reviewing video games and consoles you could market goods in that category or if you run a youtube channel discussing the latest trends in fashion you could be earning extra cash promoting the very same clothing items and accessories that you cover if you're starting from scratch you may want to focus on categories with the highest commission rates so let's break down these rates commission structure commission percentages are based upon the category of the products luxury beauty products and amazon coins offer the highest commission rates at 10 for each sale digital and physical music as well as handmade goods and digital videos sit at five percent items like kitchenware auto parts and accessories and books will earn you a four and a half percent commission below that you've got amazon branded electronic products like the kindle at four percent behind that is toys furniture pet supplies and musical instruments at three percent next is pcs and physical movies at two and a half percent followed by digital video games and tvs at two percent and physical video games grocery items and health and personal care products at one percent while this list isn't exhausted by any means it should give you an idea of what you're working with if you focus on high value items with high commission rates you can earn drastically more money than by focusing on those lower tier categories amazon affiliate earnings the average amazon affiliate marketer makes around 100 a month but some are making upwards of twenty thousand dollars a month keep in mind though to see those kinds of numbers you're going to need a huge audience with an absurdly high sales rate think of this program as less of a standalone side hustle and more of a supplemental one if you've already got a sizable following online if you're looking for an easier way to make money online check out our video on flipping cell phones to make as much as 1 000 per week we'll see in the next one [Music]

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