Affiliate Marketing Tip #2: Product Bonus

if you've been an affiliate for well almost Amy length of time you'll know that offering a person an affiliate bonus is a really powerful way to increase your Commission's you simply give them something for free or no cost for ordering the product through your affiliate link in this series of video tips it will contain 30 hot ideas for affiliate bonuses now each affiliate bonus will give your target audience a good reason to purchase your product and the best thing is that some of these affiliate bonuses don't even have to be created by you so with that in mind let me share with you affiliate marketing tip number two and that's the product bonus why not give your prospects one of your own existing products as a bonus for ordering through your affiliate link it could be a product that you've bought and you don't want or it could be a product you've created yourself or perhaps a product the came with resale right the choice is completely up to you but it's extremely effective it doesn't mean that things need to end here if you would like to learn many more creative affiliate marketing tips then make sure you click here now and visit the affiliate Commission gameplan com website and download a special report that will be able to help you to boost your affiliate income Zin well more ways than you could ever think were possible so make sure you click right now you

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