Affiliate Marketing – How I Make $300 Per Day in 2022

hi friends so one of the top ways to make money 
online is going to be through affiliate marketing   if you don't know what affiliate marketing is 
i'm going to explain it very simple and easy to   understand basically it's recommending a product 
that you enjoy that you love and recommending it   to others and you basically get a commission and 
a portion of that product being sold in this video   i'm going to show you the two steps that you can 
take to start getting into affiliate marketing   and how you can actually implement it to start 
making passive income over time so yes i said   two things you need to do so it's gonna be very 
straightforward very simple and very straight   to the point so let's get started so the first 
thing you need to do is sign up for an affiliate   network now this affiliate network think of it as 
just basically like a marketplace where you go to   and you get affiliate links for products that you 
really love and that link is going to be the link   that you're going to actually promote one of the 
best affiliate networks that you can really hop   on and that's very trust is going to be amazon 
affiliates and i'm going to show you exactly how   you can start signing up and get started first 
head over to affiliate and   click on the big yellow button which says sign 
up next thing you need to do is sign in with your   amazon account if you don't have an amazon account 
you can sign up one for completely free and   you have nothing to lose but everything to gain 
once signed in you to verify payment information   so make sure everything looks active before 
proceeding forward next it will take you to a page   where it'll actually for a website where you'll be 
posting these affiliate links you can enter your   personal website if you have one but many others 
don't really have a personal website so what you   can actually do is enter in your social media link 
whether it's your facebook tick tock instagram and   so on after this it's going to ask you a bunch 
of standard questions you're really going to   have to fill out to the best of your knowledge 
such as what you're selling what you plan to do   etc and after this process it's going to take you 
to a next screen where it's going to congratulate   you for signing up for an amazon affiliate account 
and then you can finally enter your payment or tax   information or you can enter it later on as well 
after this is complete you're going to be taken   to a home page where you have everything you need 
to get started with your affiliate journey once   you get an understanding for the home page and 
really get an understanding of where everything is   you can click on product linking and click on 
product links from here you can really browse   through the products that you really want to 
get affiliate links for and start promoting   it to start making commissions from so start 
to take time look at the best sellers look   at the products that you're interested in whether 
it's electronics whether it's books and so on for   this example i'm actually getting an affiliate 
link for 48 laws of power to show an example of   exactly how it would work so i would first choose 
the 48 laws of power and i would click on get link   now when i get to this page i'm going to click on 
text only and then click on short link and amazon   is going to be a short link which is going to be 
my affiliate code now this short link that amazon   gives me is going to be the link that i'm going 
to be able to promote and this specialized link is   going to be giving me commission for every person 
that clicks and purchases product now you're   probably wondering how much is the commission from 
these links that i'm going to get to promote well   click on help then click on commission income 
statement where it will take you to a page where   it will give you each single category and how 
much the commission is for each single category   so now you have your affiliate account set up 
and you're probably wondering okay now i have   the link but where can i start promoting or do 
i go door-to-door do i just send to my friends   do i text my mom do i text my dad like do i get 
my dog to buy like how do i do this well that's   exactly not the process to do it the best way 
to do it you're going to have to actually start   building your own personal brand but lucky for 
you i'm actually going to talk to you on exactly   how you can build this personal brand to be able 
to promote this affiliate link one of the best   ways to promote your affiliate link is going to 
be through social media because social media is   really going to allow it to be scalable where you 
can reach hundreds and thousands of people all   around the world so the first thing is you need 
to determine what social media platform are you   going to target so you can choose from a variety 
of social media platforms but the ones that i   suggest is going to be instagram and tick tock now 
let's start with instagram first with instagram   there's you can do reels you can do stories and 
you can choose to either promote these affiliate   links on your personal page which you already have 
your friends following you or you can choose to   create a brand new instagram and actually put it 
towards the niche that you want to actually target   for example if you choose a technology niche 
you can actually create an instagram account   just for technology you can start posting memes 
you can start posting images posting videos of   yourself talking or other popular videos for that 
technology sector once you create this instagram   page instagram reels is doing something kind of 
different it's very similar to tick tock where   it has organic reach which is able to actually 
attract people outside of your followers range   and being able to grow it that way so now 
what you would have to do is actually take   that affiliate link put the link in your bio 
and start to grow your instagram over time by   posting all these posts and directing people 
to go to the link in your bio and to check out   these products and services that you're actually 
mentioning for your affiliate links now with tick   tock it's a whole different ball game because 
it takes organic reach to a whole nother level   the retention rate for tick tock is much better 
than on instagram because tick tock was made for   the for you page which is a page that has just a 
bunch of random videos that people actually enjoy   and interact with previous videos very similar so 
with tick tock i would create something similar   that you did with instagram with take talk 
and start promoting things with your niche   and then put the affiliate link in your bio and 
direct people to click the link in your bio and   actually join the affiliate link as well now once 
you have your instagram and your tick tock set up   what you need to sign up for is an email capturing 
service so an email capturing service a popular   one that i use my personally myself is going 
to be mailchimp there are other ones out there   like you can use wix you can use constant contact 
but again i prefer mailchimp so once you sign up   for this email capturing service what this does 
is they'll give you some kind of a portal some   kind of a link for actual capturing box which lets 
you capture customers information from their name   from their phone number and from their email 
and when you capture information such as this   along with posting um your affiliate links on 
your social media pages and directing people to   click the link in your bio you can instead put 
in the mail chip link into the link in your bio   and people would actually can sign up and 
put in your first name last name your email   and phone number so if people you miss them by 
actually promoting on tick tock on instagram   you can actually collect that information and 
start emailing them separately with the affiliate   links as well so this way you're taking advantage 
of social media marketing by posting it on your   tick tock and instagram and also taking advantage 
of email marketing where you can actually send   them emails periodically and if they sign up for 
the phone numbers you can actually sign up for a   phone service text messaging service where you can 
actually text them affiliate links once in a while   so once you have the social media setups and then 
you have the email marketing setup the next thing   you need to do is actually start posting again 
like i said before you can either start posting   memes posting pictures images funny videos it 
doesn't even have to be videos about yourself   whatever you can do that that's really 
popular that's really trending at the time   you can even either view other similar 
niche pages and see what they're posting   and possibly even copy something similar to it 
right you're just trying to post that affiliate   link that you currently have to get as many 
people to click on it and sign up so you can   benefit from it over time you're going to start 
to see your social media continuously pick up and   the clicks on your affiliate links and people 
actually getting to the products and services   start to pick up as well and this is really 
going to benefit you because once you check   your amazon account after some time you're going 
to see a nice chunk of change come in whether   it's a couple hundred dollars a month or a couple 
thousand dollars a month again these are the two   simple steps to get started in affiliate marketing 
of course there's going to be a lot more to it but   i'm going to explain that in future videos to come 
so make sure you are subscribed and turn on post   notifications so you can be notified whenever i 
do post a new video like this video please do me a   favor and comment any questions you may have i'll 
be sure to answer them all i'm grateful for every   single one of you making it this far and watching 
the entire video thank you so much everyone

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