Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger Teil 1 – Affiliate Marketing starten – Affiliate Marketing lernen

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Video number 1. In this video I want to give you the absolute Explain the basic principle of affiliate marketing and what the absolute first and necessary step is if you want to start with affiliate marketing. an internet user is somewhere on a platform or on the Internet. Speak on Google, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Twitter, wherever. This surfer finds a link to a product or service somewhere an online course and click on a specially generated affiliate link. this affiliate link, it clearly identifies who put this link on the Internet. Thus the affiliate knows Network or the partner program from whom the visitor comes to the website. So it's not just any link, but a specially generated so-called affiliate link. After the the internet user has clicked on this link, he arrives at a website or a web shop, All possible offers can be present on this shop.

Online courses, software solutions, Products; make-up kit; In the end, everything can be advertised via an affiliate link as long as there is a corresponding partner program. So does the internet surfer find a specially generated affiliate link and click on it, then he arrives at a Website or shop. If he then buys the product offered on the website, The offered service, the online course or other, then you will receive as an affiliate a commission for it. So there has to be a purchase, sales must be generated, so that you receive a commission.

This is the very basic principle of affiliate marketing. Surfer clicks on an affiliate link, comes to a website or webshop, buys an offer and you as an affiliate receive a commission because you have accessed the affiliate link or the product via advertised your affiliate link. Let's get to the absolutely most important part of affiliate marketing. There is absolutely no point if you pointlessly distribute any affiliate links on the Internet, because then you will quickly be perceived as a "spamer". People don't trust you and nobody buys anything from you, so it is important that you focus on a single niche right from the start.
concentrate. Because the niche is crucial. So look for a category in which you are, best, already know a lot and then a category that is not too small. What do i mean in order to? The niche and its depth is absolutely crucial for your success in affiliate Marketing. Before I go any further, let me first explain to you what a niche is.

A niche is a sub-category of a larger main category or sub-topic of a major skin issue. The more specific you choose the niche, the more profitable it is in the end for you. What do I mean by that? I'll explain this to you using an example, with Amazon's affiliate program. There are several main categories on Amazon. Take Let's take the main electronics category as an example. In the main electronics category there is the TV category. There are many different brands in the category and thus Sony created a sub-category in the TV category. And a small microniche or Sony KD-55XH8096 Bravia (55 inch) television is a small sub-category from Sony. If you So you want to start with affiliate marketing as a beginner and you want TV as an example apply online because you are familiar with it or because you own a Sony KD55 you will not succeed if you just say, "Yeah, this is a television." You have to address the brand and model very explicitly in order to reach people who are interested in a Sony Bravia.

Why should you do this? So-called Mirkonischen are more profitable, because you can do targeted marketing here and on the other hand, because you can also solve certain problems here. You are probably asking yourself: "Yes, but which one Do I solve problems with a television? "As an example, people look for a review on the Internet. You want to buy this Sony Braviaen, but first look for reviews on the internet, Test reports or anything else to inform yourself before you buy. If you are now at Can help you make a purchase decision, then you solve their problem. For example, by using a video or a blog post or Instagram post about this TV and there this TV more precisely describe. Thereby you help the internet surfer or internet user with their purchase decision. That means you have to become a problem solver. People only buy based on two psychological triggers. Sigmund Freud found this out quite early on. People do Things or only buy things to get pleasure or to avoid problems or pain.

And Sigmund Freud found that avoiding pain is the bigger trigger-that is A person's greater need is to avoid trouble, difficulty, or pain. And therefore, you need to become a problem solver in a particular niche. I would also like to give you a Give an example. Take the main category of dating and relationships. In this main category is there e.g. the online dating category. There are many different types of online dating Options. You can "data" via apps or here in the sub-category partner portals and here explicitly parship. Then there could be a small microniche or a sub-category of it: "How you can do much more with these 5 secret techniques from neuropsychology Get appointments on Parship and find the woman (or man) for life! "Das is a very explicit and specific niche in the area of ​​"dating", but broken down to online dating, on the partner portal Paship and then here, specifically, what someone is getting.

Many, those who are on the go on partner portals have the problem, for example, that they are too little Got dates or that they haven't found the man or woman for life yet. Here you offer a solution to their problem. By becoming a problem solver in a microniche, If you become a small sub-category, you can start in the main category "Dating and Relationships".

Remember, in every niche there are certain problems that can be solved. Concentrate Therefore, as a beginner in affiliate marketing, you should focus on a niche in which you are already very good know, because then you can offer real added value, so that people trust you and last End up buying something from you too. And this is the only way affiliate marketing works. People only buy Your recommendations, your products, if you are really familiar with the topic or correctly have researched well and solved their problems. You can do this by reviewing a product do by offering them real added value, because you are in a niche, is very, very familiar with a category. My main category e.g.

Is online marketing. There is the category Affiliate Marketing and here there is the category Affiliate Marketing for Beginner and I'm in the sub-category "How can you as a beginner with Affiliate Marketing Make money? "You realize this is a very specific niche. I focus on Beginners and teach them how to make money from affiliate marketing. And you can do that In the end, with every topic, with every niche, with every product, with everything you can do can sell on the internet. So that was it with video 1. I thought that I prefer to make short videos that don't bore you. Because they are simply short and sweet are. That's why I explain to you in video number 2 how I do affiliate marketing and why which is the smarter way to make permanent money on the Internet. I have that for you Basic principle explained and in the next video I'll tell you how to do it much smarter, smarter can do and why that is.

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