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Hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this
new video in this new video I would like to go through further strategies with you
how we will of course get the visitors to our specific
website again here in this video it is about forums and also hobbies or
how they say The best people with a hobby are of course also looking for
like-minded people in the internet Affiliate Marketing for beginners and that doesn't work with blogs
but with various forums and someone who knows about fishing or,
as I said, would like to learn stop here on such or as it
is already shown here angela boards so I just have a
look fishing and entered the forum I'm already seeing some
examples of how you can just get Affiliate Marketing for beginners here and look at
the whole thing here is set up is okay, for example
, there is no forum software that I have for the first time I mean, I know but it doesn't
necessarily play a big role because we are interested in one single thing
, for example, we go to any category Affiliate Marketing for Beginners fly
fishing carp trade here that is really good fishing general click on
security guard and now let's just enter even tweet off we take affiliate marketing for beginners angel without lead in the end it doesn't really matter
well just a world cup just a free one which has a lot of pages here, for example
, and go here to page 9
so as an example look at it for me The contributions to so and what we are now interested in Affiliate Marketing for beginners
I think that should be because it is even a
signature so if you now register in a forum
and that's why I said from the start, it has the advantages if you
The first 24 remains for you to look for a product with which you identify,
know where you are a little familiar with t that you are not necessarily affiliate marketing for beginners
necessary, but simplified a lot like yes if you write a
blog article or a blog comment or here an affiliate marketing for beginners
forum post and we do it of course so we can if
we then create your own prix de or they go different the
team like we have done now where we are here even 105 109 pages that
is really not without but as I said here is also an example
and of course we have to look at the now Answers to the questions Affiliate Marketing for Beginners give
our could and of course they have to be highly qualified again
we don't just add links here in our posts because that could of
course it could happen that the administrators become aware of
it and see it is only here so to make money we exclude
this person again so that is an affiliate brand ting for beginners of course not nice if we
also really want to earn money but that thing has to adapt that kind of an affiliate marketing for beginners a
bit clever that is believe me with the marketing when I say
write your ii with yourself that we have the game in yours personality that we find
your prospects as good as if one imagines this in front of
a visitor up to the percent and sees the first e-mails and this
prospect who is legally only registered with you on your angling and
fishing business but also an affiliate marketing for Beginners on the other side and if he now keeps
getting the same e-mails that have just been pasted in via copy & paste
, that's not nice, so reflect your own
personality in the blog comment or here in the forum posts and you will
see that you are just had a lot more success here what we are interested in now
is of course clearly high-quality added value bi eten
content writes that is really good affiliate marketing for beginners and here we can see that we are through
these lines just like here , even the signature so we do
not post our link so our links on our specific website now
always in our posts and say hey take a look that we do because
we use a signature a signature Affiliate Marketing for beginners when we write a post that
is automatically addressed with each post down here we just take a look
this user is called daniel 93 and has been here since Siege greetings from thought
okay is not bad now let's look like nowhere else here
again let's go a page further or eight man was on him here but
namely two posts he then there Affiliate Marketing for Beginners so Franz underlined 16 and he has
written course franz yes that is the signature and we see that he that that
this here automatically with everybody It is included in every post and we could now,
for example, write ten things in our signature Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
that you definitely need for the fishing license or what you
definitely need for fishing in general and then put
our link behind Affiliate Marketing for Beginners So now of course you really have to expect
highly qualified content writing here every day if you write 5
posts per day and the signatures
, i.e.

The signature we have introduced here, are automatically attached and we
have days of visitors again because here in an angela forum
As I said, angela really too, why affiliate marketing for beginners who are interested in this hobby
and ultimately that can turn the attacked visitors into interested and
ultimately customers too, but let's take a look again
and about the interesting thing here is affiliate marketing for beginners maybe can recognize as a signature
here, for example, should be able to see right here, for example,
I don't even know whether the plan has also been seen here salty greetings from daniel
exactly how see your surf fishing on Affiliate Marketing for beginners in the north sea will surf but
on the baltic sea like that this is my home sounds again to 9 of us im back out more precisely zadar
is 390 and now his greatest again from daniel and we have here Affiliate Marketing for beginners
a link surf fishing on the baltic sea and that we say with each of
his contributions This signature is added at the back and
we automatically receive four days of visitors to our specific website, so
your task is positive because clearly try to get out forums where you can see
okay, they have a signature where affiliate marketing for beginners no signatures like that It is also
of course rather seldom that one has issued that or guest forum software
now Still there is no support but make sure that you
could insert a signature and depending on how many affiliate marketing forums for beginners
use here, however, you will make sure that this is also well attended Affiliate Marketing for
beginners many many many user a lot of user has really made contributions every day
that is a that is simply a forum that
is really active because he wants a forum that has been on line for several years
then this page is probably dead and that will affect you affiliate marketing for beginners
also not many visitors bring clear about google there will always
be some hanging around but you need forums that are active
how many you ultimately take the affiliate marketing for beginners is of course up to you how
much time you want to put, but up to ten times I would but say five are enough
because if you have the choice between three and five affiliate marketing for
beginners have forums that are really active, that are great, that the consequences are profile is
written and you make a total of five goals for each of these
three posts then that is 15 year olds per day and you will
automatically be judged This time, 365 a year, I will
automatically have new posts every day , of course, the old ones will also have
their signature always there and your Affiliate Marketing for Beginners will in the long run get more and more visitors
just because of this one signature that makes you
good Your task is to look for forums where you can implement the whole thing
and then I would say again because we'll see each other
in our own the best Affiliate Marketing videos for beginners until then

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