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people as possible what I'm going to be providing you in this video is a
step-by-step process of how to go ahead and start your own affiliate marketing
business and grow it so that you eventually become a super affiliate and
are making millions of dollars you guys yes that is possible do not think that
it is not possible for you it all starts with belief if you believe it and you
set your mind to it it will happen I also want to give you a fair warning
this video will be a series I'm going to come out with a few more videos because
there's a lot of information I can simplify it and give it to you all in
one video but I'd like to spend a little bit
more time on each step that way it makes it a little bit more usable for you
provides more value and you can actually go out there and apply these steps and
start creating your own affiliate marketing business on line however at
the end of this video I will show you and give you an offer that you can go
ahead to start creating your very own affiliate marketing business online
where you can start working with my team and get some help and learn the inner
workings of exactly what you need to be doing is an exact blueprint do this do
this do this do this to this you can actually check these things off and get
up and running and creating your own affiliate marketing business however
let's go ahead and jump on in what I have for you I think you're really gonna
like this this is very valuable content I wish that I knew this stuff starting
out upfront and someone had given me a video that I could follow so the first
thing that I want to talk about and I actually wanted to skip this step but
and that's because I've made videos on this in the past and you can go back to
those and watch those and it will break it down for you but the first step that
you need to address and I'll just do this very simply is you need to
understand why you even want to start this business if you don't understand
your why you will experience some failure just like you experienced
failure in anything that you start because you don't know what you're doing
and it's troublesome a little bit and you bump your head and you end up
quitting so you need to understand why because that is extremely important your
why is what's gonna push you through all the tough times that when you're
learning exactly how to do this business and learning how to do it successfully
I'm not saying that this is hard it's more of the growing experience growing
yourself to be the person that you want to become so step number one understand
your why so the second thing that you want to do when you get when you're
getting started in affiliate marketing is you want to identify a niche and
there's some important things that you want to know when you're identifying
your niche the first thing is you want it to be something that you're
passionate about that you feel yes you feel very passionate about that you'd
like to talk about that you like to spend time researching because you're
going to need to become very knowledgeable
about the these products these affiliate offers that you're going to be driving
massive amounts of traffic to if it's not something that you're passionate
about then what's gonna happen is you're people if people are going to see that
they're gonna be able to tell that you're not passionate about it you're
gonna give up because there was never any passion there in the first place
things that you like to do like even for instance if you have certain tasks or
jobs that you just really enjoy doing you don't see it as work therefore it is
much more easy for you to succeed so you want to find a niche that you're
passionate about and most importantly you want to pick a niche that on average
or on average is paying very well and to do that what you want to do is stay in
the top three categories and that is health wealth and fitness if you stay in
those niches you will get paid very well because those niches on average pay very
well pay their affiliates very well I've heard this in the past
compared to sports so for instance if you're a NFL player most individuals on
the NFL team yes they're getting paid very well but how however only a few of
them are actually making an insane amount of money on average most of the
individuals on an NFL team aren't making you know insane insane amount of money
yes compared to your average person it's a lot of money but in the NFL and
professional sports arena it's not the entire team's not making that much money
you want to choose a niche that the average individual is making a lot of
money so if you compare this to something such as like the MBA yes you
have individuals that are on the team that are making the insane amount of
money is blunt but on average most of the individuals and the NBA are making a
very significant salary I think it's somewhere around four million dollars
the average NBA player so if that makes sense to you that is something that I've
heard in the past that kind of helped me understand exactly why it was important
to choose such why your why your Miche was so important so the third
thing that is very important when you're starting your affiliate marketing
business is once you've identified the niche that you want to be in and I'm
just going to use the niche that I'm in for an example and that's how to make
money online investing you know business entrepreneurship online how to work from
home once you've found an offer within that niche you need to make sure that it
incorporates a few things there's some key ingredients that are going to make
you super successful while some individuals are going to fill affiliate
marketing because they are missing some of these things in their business model
or blueprint so these things are first you need to have an affiliate offer that
has a low end and has high end offers so basically what this incorporates is
something called a value ladder that's something that you want to Google if
you're not familiar with what a value ladder is maybe I'll make a video on
that but you want to make sure that it incorporates a value ladder a value
ladder is basically a if you imagine a staircase they have low end ticket
offers and then they offer higher and higher and higher affiliate products
that they're selling this is similar to when you go to McDonald's and you order
a coke when you order when you go to McDonald's and you order a coke you're
obviously going to order some fries and you're gonna order probably a hamburger
with that right so that is similar to what a value ladder is I hope that makes
sense maybe we'll do a video on that and break it down even further but you need
to have a low end offer because the low end offer is actually what captures a
lot of what your marketing costs are and the high end offer that comes along with
that is how you become a super successful affiliate marketer and start
to make some really insane money so that you can live a life of freedom another
thing that's important is you want to choose an affiliate offer where when
people hit the the website the landing page that you
intend them to get to and they make the decision to buy the affiliate offer that
you have that they actually get cookie and a cookie is basically a tag that's
put on that individual by their web browser so that they can track what
they're doing on web sites and stuff and basically what happens is they get
cookie and you get paid on the lifetime of that customer within that affiliate
model that is super important because now you're getting paid on a lifetime of
everything that they buy instead of just that one instance so I wanted this video
to be a series I have three more very important steps that I want to share
with you so I will be making another video to share what those steps are how
you can implement them and why they are so important in your affiliate marketing
business I'll go into great detail with what those steps are and what you need
to be implementing to be a very successful high-end super affiliate
affiliate marketer so I want to wrap this up if you are interested in doing
what I'm doing if all this makes sense to you I have a solution for you I want
you to try out you can get started for free start working with my team and
start implementing these things step-by-step and get an exact blueprint
of how you can start incorporating all this very important stuff and creating
your very own online business this will make it much more simple for you yes
there will be a small investment that you will have to make but you can get
started 100% for free if that is something that sounds interesting to you
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