Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Zero to $10k Per Month)

hey guys welcome back to the channel my name is 
Dan Froelke and this is video number three of my   three-part training series how to go from 0 to 
$10,000 per month with affiliate marketing this   is step-by-step training on how you can go even as 
a brand new beginner from 0 to $10,000 per month   within the next 90 days and like I said this is 
video number three in this step by step passive   income training series now if you have not yet 
watched video number one and two you will need   to watch these first to get up to speed so you'll 
know what I'm talking about in this video here so   I'm going to leave those Links at the bottom in 
the description of this video and at the end of   this video on the end screen okay all right so 
just to recap I've been a successful affiliate   marketer for over 13 years now I've helped 
thousands of people make money online using   member-to-member instant pay programs that pay 
out 100% Commissions in fact my entire YouTube   channel is dedicated to those such programs 
because they include automated systems that do   all the explaining and selling and telling for 
you so if you are looking to make money online   from home with affiliate marketing and you want to 
learn from a top earner and a resp leader in this   industry subscribe to my channel and make sure you 
click the Bell icon to be notified every time I   upload a new video now in video number one of this 
training series I talked about my online Journey   how I got started what I used to do for a living 
before this my struggles as an affiliate marketer   and how I turned everything around to earn a 
multiple six figure income for many years now   and in video number two I showed showed you the 
exact formula that's allowed me to go from zero   to generating over $10,000 per month in passive 
income in the platform that we're using to do this   it's called 98 limited and it's the best passive 
income system that I've used so far 98 unlimited   allows you to earn $98 instant commissions paid 
directly to you and these are 100% commissions   paid to you over and over again month after month 
now there's a lot of passive income systems out   there a very popular one off the top of my head 
is liveg good and I'm sure you've heard of it   Live Good is a great business and I'm not here 
to knock it at all but the commissions are very   small and in order to generate $10,000 plus with 
Live Good well you're going to need to recruit   hundreds and hundreds of people in fact one of 
the top earners his name is Jeff Aman makes about   $20,000 per month with live good but he had to 
recruit over a thousand people you know that's a   lot of hustling it's a lot of work and I don't 
know about you but $98 commissions makes more   sense to me and that's why I love 98 unlimited 
and that's why I'm using it in this 0 to 10K per   month training series work smarter not harder 
right Heck if you just want to earn an extra,   $1,500 in residual income month after month 
that's just 15 sales all right that's 15 sales   with 98 unlimited and the digital products inside 
98 limited have tremendous value and are designed   to teach you the necessary skills to have success 
online with affiliate marketing so in video number   two I showed you step by step how to set up your 
98 unlimited business so you can start receiving   these $98 payments you should have also purchased 
the software my lead gen secret and this going to   allow us to get 100 leads per day and we're going 
to email them my proven emails to get even more   $98 commissions and again if you have not yet 
watched the video number one and two you have   to go do that right now so both links are in 
the description of this video all right here   we go training video number three all right so 
you should have already purchased my lead gen   secret software and I just love the software 
because for just 30 bucks a month it's going   to allow us to get 100 leads per day you'll 
also get a custom-built mailing system to   send these leads my proven email swipes and 
the swipes are going to help you get sales in   your 98 in a limited business so if you have not 
purchased myly genen secret software well it's   in Step number two right below go ahead and do 
that for sure right now let's log into my lead   genen secret and also make sure you have my 0 to 
10K swipes available okay now if you don't have   this right here that's step number three below 
okay in the description of this video just go   ahead and click the link and you'll see these 
uh all these emails right here that we're going   to use for my lead gen secret and this is very 
easy to do here's what you're going to do when   you log in so right here you're going to create a 
message you're going to click on this and create a message what we want to do let me put this up here 
what we want to do we want to choose this one mail   by date and we can select all I'm going to mail 
to 7,300 people okay so again you're going to get   100 leads per day every single day and they'll 
be over in this column and when you want to do   a mailing you just move move them over to this 
column exactly how I did that right so uh then   we're going to send from your name okay send 
from Dan Froelke no reply and of course it's   going to have your name here but always choose 
this right here and if you have emailed before   you're going to have the emails saved right 
here so that way it'll be easier for you to   write these emails okay but here's what we're 
going to do for now we're going to scroll down   well for first of all we're going to put the 
subject line right in here so move over to the   0 to 10K email swipes and here is the subject 
line right here we're just going to go ahead   and copy that okay right click copy going to 
go over here and we're going to paste it in   just like that then okay so we have these codes 
here uh to put the person's first name inside   the emails and that's always a good thing to do to 
personalize that from my experience we'll respond   to emails a little better if it's personalized 
with their name okay so we're going to scroll   down and this is the actual place we're going 
to put the body of the email we can get rid   of all this right here just uh highlight it click 
delete and this is where we're going to write the   actual email all right so I made it pretty easy 
for you this is the body so we're just going to   highlight just a very short and sweet email okay 
and we're going to copy that going to bring it   over here like this and just paste it on in well 
actually you have to do it in here first okay so   this is HTML editor so we have to paste it in 
here and then we go here now you see all these   spaces and and all this we're going to clean this 
up we're also going to add a hyperlink right here   and that's going to be your referral link to 
your 98 limited capture page and I'm going to   show you how to do that in a second um but first 
let's clean this up we'll get rid of these spaces here get rid of that word and we're also going to 
put in the person's first name in here so what we   do that we use this little code right here you've 
got the full name you can put in there first name   last name email address IP address and the sign 
update all right so what we're going to do we're   just going to put the first name in there so 
we're going to copy this okay this whole code   right there and we're going to put that let's get 
rid of the comma put a little space in here and   we're going to put put it right in here contrl V 
all right so hey there and it's going to be the   first name and then we put the comma it's true 
watch the video here super short all right now   this is where we're going to put our 98 unlimited 
referral link all right so I just happen to have   mine open here and this is referral link if you 
remember we're going to do this we're going to   copy it copy that we're going to go back over 
and we're going to highlight this watch the   video here we're going to click on this link here 
we're going to add the link then we're going to   put our referral link right in here paste okay 
now what we want to we want to open this up in   another window okay so when they click on it it's 
going to open it up for for them in another window   so we click on target new window okay we click 
okay and there we go now you can add your phone   number here you can put like any questions give 
me a call put your number in there that's really   it now what we want to do because this is very 
small and I really don't like the font so we're   going to copy this and what I always like I like 
verdana and we're going to switch just to 14 point   there okay that's all you have to do hey there 
John it's true watch the video here super short   it's seriously crazy to your success Dan Froelke 
easy as that you can preview it right here it's   exactly what it's going to look like and if I 
give this a click it's going to open to my 98   unlimited capture page all right so we're going to 
close that and then we want to select this right   here okay so you can now predict the optimal 
delivery hour okay so what this means is if a   person opened up your previous email let's say at 
3:00 in the morning okay well um the system knows   that and it will send it out during that time or 
if it's 8:00 in the morning or if it's noon so   it's kind of cool so just give that all you have 
to do is give this a click now I just sent this   email out so I'm not going to do it but really 
all you have to do is give this a click right   here okay actually I will just for the heck of it 
give that a click and it's working that's okay if   they receive it again I don't really mind all 
right and it says here your message has been   keyed you should be able to view it on the stats 
page in a few minutes and you also have to wait   24 hours before your next mailing that's it that's 
all you do and we're going to be doing this every   other day for 30 days using the email swipes that 
I provided and here is where the excitement starts   people are going to be opting into your capture 
page and they'll be redirected to the company   presentation page where they're going to learn 
all about 98 limited and how they too can make   money online with this system and at the same 
time they're going to be added to your contact   list inside your members area and I'm going 
to show you that right now now when you start   receiving contacts and start to build your list 
like mine here the prospects will start opening   up your emails and clicking on your links so I 
want to show you how you can tell that okay as   you can see right down here if there's a little 
green envelope that means they open up the email   if there's a link that means they clicked on 
a link within your email okay um for example   these people here this guy Joe he did opened up 
the email and clicked on the link so the people   that have the little envelope along with the 
link well they're more interested than others   right because they've actually opened up the 
email and clicked on some links all right now   we have a strategy within the system that'll help 
convert these people okay it'll help you make more   sales and I'm going to show you that right now 
so in the leftand menu just click on resources   in broadcast optin email okay now you can watch 
this video that explains all this right here   but in a nutshell this is how it works okay so 
what we're going to do those people who are more   interested all right opening up the emails and 
clicking on our links well we're going to send   them this personalized email Okay so it says here 
dear first name I want to thank you for taking   the time to review our 98 limited program if you 
ever wanted to create true passive income you can   do it here we have a bonus page that'll give you 
more Insider information feel free to check it out   here and your sales page link is already built 
in right here okay and this program is growing   quickly and I'd hate for you to miss out all the 
best and put your name email phone and that's it   all right so again all you have to do is copy 
the headline okay we've got the headline here   welcome to 98 limited and this is the body 
so let's go back to the contact my contacts here for example okay let's look at Ed Ed here 
okay open up the email he's clicking on links   he did this 83 times so you think he's interested 
absolutely so here's what we're going to do we're   going to click on actions and we're going to 
email him personally right so all I have to   do is give this a click here and again put in 
the subject line the body and send the email   this is going to go directly to his email and 
this really helps people who are on the fence   about joining 98 Unlimited okay so this is a 
great strategy right here and as I mentioned   in the very first video we have many different 
ways to advertise your 98 limited business and   most of these are completely hands-free we have 
done for you postcards and done for you text   messaging and we have a service that does all that 
stuff for us we have done for you solo ads we have   drop cards social media training Flyers sales 
letters and banner ads and places to advertise   your banner ads and of course just for joining me 
as your sponsor you're going to get top tier one   traffic for 60 days on me along with a bunch 
of other bonuses to help you have success in   your 98 and limited business all right you 
guys you now have the complete formula the   resources and training that I used to go from 
zero to generating over $10,000 per month in   passive income using this very simple system 98 
Unlimited now it's time for you to roll up your   sleeves and commit to the next 90 days and build 
your business now mindset is extremely important   as well so I've included a complete mindset 
training series inside my team training site   as well and you're going to get access to that 
if you have any questions at all leave them in   the comment section below or reach out to me 
personally I will leave my contact information   there as well so I wish you the very best in your 
0 to 10K per month journey and I look forward to   working with you.

hey thanks for watching 
I appreciate it see you on the next video..

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