Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (SECRET TO $20,000 A MONTH) Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

guys, i will show you how verinda is over here from india could you help his business earn more than four million dollars malik here from pakistan did the same himself and made more than one hundred thousand dollars and steve avi from the united states did it himself and he could earn more than 800 thousand dollars guys applied the same affiliate marketing principles and if you come here now if I refresh your survey, I want to show you that it's legal over the last 90
days I could earn more than 48 000
and I want to show you how you can learn it's absolutely free, it's high income skill affiliate marketing skill that if I get to my fighter plus here if I recharge it can earn more than ten thousand dollars
it's a secret strategy guys who do not many people want to teach you and show you because they sell courses and they make money from this, but I want to show you in this video how you can learn it absolutely for free and start making money with affiliate marketing in 2021 after watching this video look at it the 10 most globally hard skills in the if you go here and take a
look at affiliate marketing guys, this is number seven affiliate marketing of guys almost every business almost every business out there a kind of affiliate marketing program or a lot of it and there are a lot of affiliations especially now with what happened the pandemic and what not many people are starting on affiliate jump marketing just look at social media linkedin said exactly the same good guys if you look at it affiliate marketing is here at number seven so it is something that is growing absolutely and you have a great opportunity to help people who are in affiliate marketing space or if you want to do affiliate marketing in 2021 you can make a lot of money online but with what i'm going to show you this video guys and it's a very good idea simple concept but you need to learn these skills and i'm going to show you exactly how you can learn it now completely grat is if you come for example to sites like facebook guys and all you have to do is just scroll down and see what you know your feed on facebook after which you are going to find all these different sponsored posts for different affiliate marketing companies, I mean everything you need to do here, come here, browse, browse and you will find many of these different sponsored posts, many of these sponsored posts guys are affiliate marketing posts where people are promoted I mean here is one here where someone promotes someone's affiliate offer they offer ads well but these ads take a lot of
skills guys you need to learn how to do now many people sell affiliate marketing courses where they sell courses all these different ways you can do it with facebook with google ads places like pinterest all these others you know instagram etc and they have seen these courses for a thousand dollars some some of them even sell up to five thousand dollars, but did you know you can learn it all absolutely free number one with which you can earn money affiliate marketing once you have learned it or number two you can offer freelance services so you can be the one earning a lot of money on the back of these affiliate marketing promotions just like this here, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do this so pay close attention to the first place you want to go to guys is forward slash business alone okay and what are these guys a website that has facebook itself, I'm going to show you several of these this video so you can come learn here these skills without having to pay a single dollar no zero courses nothing so no guys You can do it all learn and if you come go to a site like these guys if you come here to education and look at the available resources online learning courses and you have certified programs guys you even have webinars guys and you come across I also have an adv review guide and about this along here you can learn everything you need to know use these different types of Facebook ads how to attract traffic should do everything now, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube you can watch azure blue but if you want know how to run these campaigns successfully then these are the sites you want to get to because it is in their best interest to teach you how to make money online with facebook for example, now I am going to run
some detailed tutorials in the upcoming videos but i want to show you where you are can come here to get it all now completely free if you come by and you browse, guys take a look at the recommended how can i make money on facebook facebook ads and your business goals quick guide to facebook page ads guys how facebook can help help businesses you got here how to reduce business disrupt all these different things guys look at advertise facebook advertising tools you need w eat five steps to create a Facebook ad of
your page I mean it's tools and resources that people ask you a lot of money with different courses if you come here and click on these guys it will bring you to a page it looks good so and if you are browsing, I mean, check out these free online courses if you are here you can start advertising travel, sell your products online advertise all this stuff from your page amazing content absolutely free if you click on it, here it is about to bring you to a page that looks like this basically shows you how to start selling on facebook and on instagram what trading on facebook and instagram looks like so you can click on it you can watch it come here and take all these things different courses guys absolutely for free and you're probably thinking what can I do with this, I do not have money to run ads, and you do not need to have money ads, because I'm going to show you how you can earn money online after learning all these guys.

you do not want to do affiliate marketing and you do not I want to show you these ads another way you can make a lot of money online just like the guys I showed at the beginning of this video and when you come here guys if you click on one of these is going to bring you forward and show you exactly how you can learn these different skills exactly what I did, I took a lot from these free courses guys that it gave me the skills to make money online with affiliate marketing, but you can also do it as a freelancer and when you come here guys like me showed you here when you go to education and resources, you also have certified programs here and the good thing about these facebook certificates when you come here and take these certificates will allow you to work as a
freelancer and these freelance guys make a lot of money online all you need to do is go to sites like upwork here and type in when you reach
your typing fa cebook ads in and if you roll down you can see how much money people make on these sites guys i mean you look again at this person here from Cyprus made two hundred
thousand what this person made from Kenya to ten thousand dollars here and if you after this person looks here adam here from the united states has made more than 400 000 guys Facebook advertising expert and you can learn all those free guys on this site and get a certificate, you can come and you can also create ads on fiverr and start you know by providing these ads for people and if you look at this guys, look here, I mean this person here has 2275 reviews these are people who left reviews average $ 75 a case if I grab my calculator here and we do 2275 and we mean it with 75 guys it's just less than two hundred thousand it's one hundred and seventy thousand it's from the people who are gone reviews so i recommend it to facebook guys us and forward slash business forward learning diagonally and you can learn it all for free but it is not the only place where you can Go learn this higher income school when it comes to affiliate marketing another The website you can go to is a place called skillshop.withgoogle .com and what this site is going to do guys it is going to teach you to run these Google ads for
example if you want to import builder or on google you are going to see just about everything you type google you are going to have these ads it appears first and it's a really good skill to have promote your own website if you want to promote your own product can get it on top of Google Search with just about everything you're doing and to get this skill guys all you need to get to this site go here you can see what you have get a certificate, you come here Google ads you can click, come here click here and it is I bring you to a page guys where it will teach you or show you exactly where you can go certified hurt and learn how to run it Google ads and you can do it for other people too, and I will show you exactly how you are going to do it if you click on it it will take you to a page here, everyone check out the courses here you can follow as a beginner, and you can see that it is
certified for a beginner and then you can take more intermediate and advanced courses and it will teach you everything you need to know it is absolutely not necessary to pay for it not you know a 300 500 thousand dollars of course unless they offer you some type of funnels or something else just do it just to show you the training youtube these free courses get guys you exactly to where you need to be you can make money with an affiliate marketing or if you want to do it as a freelancer guys this is where a lot of people learn how to create it courses believe it or not and they ask you a lot of money for this and again you can easily come to that
type Google ads here and look at this steve from the United States here is the guys over 800 000 with this strategy guys he is a google advertising expert because at the at the end of the day he asks you 125 one hour whether the person is making a sale or it does not matter to him that he is not going to ask you to set up the campaign and then he will be paid if it is person who has affiliate marketing he does not earn well still be paid because at the end of the day there are zero guarantees if it is with you come advertise anything with one of these platforms you are going to earn money and if you roll over here guys, you will find other people have also made a lot of good money online earn forty thousand sixty thousand twenty forty thousand and if you look here guys from whom you people is Poland United States Ukraine India again Ukraine, United States, etc, so everyone worldwide makes people money online with these strategies so facebook guys there was also google i talked about another video on twitter before I made but there is also ano there are a lot of easy people on the site make ads on guys and it's pinterest and I want to show you exactly how you can do it now with pinterest if you come to pinterest and you go over to your pinterest profile just open it on pinterest can you see that it is
very difficult to distinguish normal pens here with the real pens where people show ads, let me show you exactly how you can find it when you come Look at the pen here is an ad here you can see he promoted by and if you click on these three little dots here you will see here why I see this ad this is how you know what an ad is on pinterest and if you come here here is another one here if you click on these three small links can see here that it is not an ad here, so if you click on this and you do not see what you see a view where it says why I see this ad which means it is not an attic not and many times if it's an ad you are going to s one promoted by okay, as you can see here squarespace why i see this ad now you can come here and you can run ads on pinterest and pinterest ads do not cost much like Facebook ads and it does not cost much like google if you advertise on google guys it is much cheaper and to learn how to work, you know these different ads on pinterest to make money affiliate marketing all you have to do is go to the pinterest academy guys and as you can see if you are on the pinterest academy you can see he is welcome at pinterest where it will show you everything you talk to pinterest how to create a pinterest profile how to put pins on pinterest but then you also have a way to create content plan your campaign and then here you can see that you can learn exactly how to launch your
campaign how to plan your campaign and how to create these different pinterest ads guys it's a fantastic tool l these are also absolutely free guys where you can come here and learn it all and again if you want to provide services as a freelancer if you do not want to do this affiliate marketing industry campaigns, all you have to do is come to such sites here on upwork and you can see here that katherine here from the united states is a pinterest account manager where she takes care of people's pinterest profiles this is exactly what you can do and this person she made more than fifty thousand dollars do it now you can possibly do pinterest do instagram you can do facebook because with facebook here own facebook instagram guys so if you learn your know here all about facebook you also learn how to run ads instagram so it is really powerful tool guys who are absolutely free you can start making money as an affiliate marketer or start earning money as a freelancer in 2021 you do not have to spend money on courses you can easily come here and learn all these things ab salut for friend if you come to fiverr type pinterest ads in guys you can see this person selling it at starting rate of $ 48 when I click on it the standard rate is 48.

He has 67 reviews, a standard fee is 68 and she premium fee is 103 dollars you can comfortably say that this person has earned a lot of good money providing these pinterest ads for people where he starts these campaigns he is an expert on this as the niche is
not saturated and he makes some really good money online, now there is a bonus way you can do it too guys I want to share this tip with you linkedin okay if you come to learn forward cut me here if you are a student you can learn at linkedin sign up and you can come here and learn a lot about linkedin about displaying linked ads or just come in different ways to earn money on LinkedIn, and you can also come here guys and take lots of free courses on LinkedIn is also a great help iddel to get started and also learn other ways to earn money online now if you are a
student you can sign up for free if you are not a student, you can start your month for free and then you can do many of these different courses on LinkedIn for the first month and after that you can only disable it if you do not want to pay the ongoing fee think it's about 15 a month good guys, so it's great way to make money yourself with affiliate marketing or as a freelancer in 2021 guys and thats exactly what I did I came here, I took a lot of these free courses I learned how to make money online and I applied it and I was absolutely crushed online and earning a lot of good money and you can do exactly the same so was my video for today guys and another great way you can make money affiliate marketing and get many free courses absolutely free where you can provide services to other people or even earn money with a gift ilial marketing in 2021 if I say thank you very much for watching another of my videos I love the tactics of smart money till tomorrow you take care of yourselves and goodbye

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