Affiliate marketing for beginners 2023 | BEST tutorial for FREE traffic methods

hey guys in today's video i'm going to show you 
step by step how to use affiliate marketing for   beginners in 2022 now i've been making six 
figures every year for the last three years   all from affiliate marketing and it is my 
absolute favorite way to make money online   now i'm not going to make it seem like i'm a 
dummy or anything but i honestly feel like if i   can do it anybody can so in today's video we are 
going to talk about what affiliate marketing is   the different ways you can make money 
with affiliate marketing because most   people don't actually show you how to do 
it but i'm going to show you how to do it   and a little known tip that can help you avoid 
giving your social security number away because   when you sign up for different affiliate programs 
they're going to ask you for your social security   number for tax purposes and if you're anything 
like me i do not feel comfortable giving anyone   my social security number so i'm going to show 
you how to avoid that at the end of this video   so make sure you guys stay tuned so the first 
question is what is affiliate marketing now in a   nutshell for even having an understanding of why 
it even exists it's so companies can make money   now businesses they create different products or 
services but now they actually need to sell it and   the internet is so crowded with so many different 
products they offer people like you and me a   percentage of the sale or any referral fee and we 
can get people to buy their products or services   so it's like you're a salesperson this has to be 
done online so the company can actually track and   make sure that that customer's purchase came from 
you recommending it let me give you an example   of a way you could use it so say for example you 
like the way this video looks and you say hey whit   what kind of camera are you using before i 
actually tell you that it's a canon 90d i'm going   to see if they have an affiliate program so when i 
tell you what kind of camera i use i'm just going   to give you my referral link and say hey i use 
this one so if you end up making a purchase i get   to earn a percentage of that sale it is a total 
win-win i get to help you and i get paid for it   now let me show you how i will find out 
if canon actually has an affiliate program   and how i would go about applying for it now 
there are only two ways i use when i'm trying to   find out if a company has an affiliate program the 
first thing i would do is i would put canon plus   affiliate program and it should be at 
least in the top two search results   so you see right here canon affiliate program 
i'll click right on that to see what is their   affiliate program and if i could apply for it 
or i would just go to their website   and then i would scroll all the way to the bottom 
to see if they have an affiliate program and their   footer links and i see right here that they do so 
i'll just go ahead and click on that so those are   the two ways i would go about doing that and then 
right here you can just see what's all involved in   their affiliate program just to give you an idea 
what's involved and this is where you can apply   now i see that they are part of a huge affiliate 
network cj affiliate publisher so what i would do   is go to apply now and i'm going to show you guys 
how to do this i already have an account with cj   publishing so i'm going to go ahead and just log 
in now i have a couple of products in here that   i do promote but if i want to sign up to canon's 
program i'm going to go over here to advertisers   and then i'm going to put in canon to search for 
their company and click that right there go to   search now this is canon's program right here i 
can read the details here and i can just go ahead   right here and apply to their program now keep in 
mind i already have an account so i have put in   my information about my website how i get traffic 
to my website and all that information so this is   something you're going to need to do on your own 
put in your own personal information but once you   just read through this right here you can go ahead 
and accept and apply and they will get back to you   on whether you are accepted into their program 
or not now i'm going to tell you guys that i have   been denied by canon like two years ago when i 
did apply so i'm going to show you how i was able   to get around that and how i did it was by using 
amazon because amazon accepts everyone and i love   the amazon affiliate program except when they 
slash their commission rates to almost nothing   but i still use amazon because almost everyone 
uses amazon all the time to make purchases because   if you're a prime member you'll get your stuff 
in like a day or two or now it's like overnight   so it's really cool so i know that even 
though they have cut their commission rates   i still want to make at least some money so i'm 
going to still use the amazon affiliate program   because most people are going to use amazon when 
they make a purchase and i want to get a referral   fee from that so let me show you how i would do 
it before i show you how i'm going to actually   get my affiliate link through amazon i did a whole 
entire video that talks about the amazon affiliate   program i highly recommend you guys check that 
out first just to have an understanding of what   i'm doing so i'm going to quickly show you how i'm 
going to do this and it'll make more sense if you   watch that video first all right so what i'm going 
to do first is i want to just put in canon 90d   and i'm gonna look for a camera that has good 
reviews and this one is really good right here so   i'll probably click on this one and this is what i 
have called site stripe to get my affiliate links   now i've talked about that in that video so i 
highly recommend you guys check that out but   basically all i have to do is now that this is 
the camera that i use and this is the one that i   want to give to you if you want to know what kind 
of camera i use i'm just going to go here to text   and get my affiliate link and that's it so if i 
want to copy and paste this i'm going to give this   to you or whoever's asking on what kind of camera 
i'm having and if they use that link and purchase   that camera within 24 hours i'm going to get a 
commission on that sale and why i always talk   about why i love the amazon affiliate program is 
because if anyone adds anything else to their cart   that's not related to a camera i get a commission 
on all those purchases too you know it's really   cool using the amazon affiliate program so i 
highly recommend using amazon as a great way   to make money through affiliate marketing now i'm 
going to share with you guys that in the beginning   when i was applying for different affiliate 
programs i did get denied a lot but i just use   that as motivation i responded to those rejection 
emails and i asked them why so i could find out   what i needed to do to get accepted into their 
programs so i can have more ways to make money   through affiliate marketing here's another way to 
consider by using social media even if you have a   small following so what i recommend you do first 
is think about yourself what are some things you'd   like to do for example if you're a stay-at-home 
mom and you're with the kids all day why not   document that if you're comfortable using social 
media using platforms like tick tock facebook   instagram and even youtube to show your mom packs 
or just mom life and promote the different things   that you have without seeming salesy like i bought 
my son this little thing right here for christmas   and it was honestly one of his favorite christmas 
gifts so if you had something like this you could   just post a picture of your kid and say oh my gosh 
my kid loved this this was his favorite christmas   gift you know you want to only say stuff that's 
true because you want to build trust with your   viewers now the trick is you don't ever want to 
actually mention what the toy is or the name of it   because you want people to ask you oh 
what is that or where did you get it from   and when they do you can say hey yeah a couple of 
people have asked me i just added the link to my   profile if you want to just go ahead and check 
it out and that way you can drive them to your   link tree which i want to show you in a second how 
you can do if you use instagram or tick tock and   this is a way that you can get credit through your 
affiliate links if you have a small following and   you don't have those swipe up features let me show 
you really quickly all right some other link tree log in alright so this is my link tree right 
here and what i want to do is actually just go   ahead and put that toy in here so just for the 
purpose of this video i'm going to just add this   link right here but it could be any link that you 
choose so i want to go to link tree and then i'm   going to change the title to my son's favorite 
christmas gift and then i'm going to put the url   right here i'm going to copy and paste that 
and you can see that it's going to appear   right here so anybody can just go ahead and click 
on this so if anybody clicks on that it's going to   take them directly to the toy that i'm promoting 
or that i was saying that my son loves so much   if they click on that and make a purchase i earn 
a commission from that and you can update this and   change out these links all the time so this is 
definitely where you can use social media even   if you have a small following on how to use 
affiliate marketing now another way to use   affiliate marketing is through youtube now i know 
everyone does not want to start a youtube channel   but i'm going to at least show you how it 
works so you have an understanding and an idea   to see maybe if this is something you want to do 
and then i'm going to show you where that does not   include showing your face and it's how i make the 
most money okay now with youtube now even if you   don't know what to start a channel on i recommend 
just doing some research on things that you like   and see if you can find a question that you can 
answer through your video so it can rank in the   search results on youtube youtube is the second 
most used search engine and people are always   using youtube as a way to search for things that 
they are looking for this may not make a lot of   sense right now but i'm going to show you an 
example because i've done videos on instacart   door dash amazon flex and i have never done any 
of those jobs i just interview others that did   and i share all the details from that interview to 
help new drivers out now i say that in the video   so i'm being honest that i've never actually done 
this before but those videos have done very well   for example if you look in the search results for 
amazon flex driver review you're going to find my   video same as instacart shopper review now i don't 
know how long these videos are going to actually   last in the search results but i'm going to ride 
this wave as long as i can and if they drop in   the search results i'm just going to do another 
video on these because these are making me a great   amount of money because i am stuck in the search 
results and because people are always looking up   different things on youtube i'm always getting 
views to my videos and i'm always making money   because i offer different products and services 
in my videos and i also make money through ads so   i'm just getting this thing rolling on autopilot 
and i still have a small following now let me give   you an example on how you can do this if you don't 
know what kind of channel you want to do but you   just want to get started now you can start out by 
just seeing if there are any how-to type of videos   that you could do because usually when you're 
doing how to videos there are steps involved   and if a step is involved where you need to buy 
something that is a great affiliate opportunity   because that person needs to buy something to 
get to the next step and since they're using your   video as an instruction on how to do it they're 
probably just going to click on your referral link   click on the product that you're recommending they 
need for the next step make that purchase and then   you know move along to go to finish whatever 
the how-to video is about so let me show you   an example all right so when you're just doing 
research you can just go right here and go to   how to and youtube is gonna suggest auto suggest 
things that are very popular right now going in   the search results so they're gonna try and finish 
your question before you even get done typing so   you can see it says things like how to draw how to 
get the foundation skin for okay stuff different   stuff but what i would do is i would just start 
by just doing research by doing how to a and just   put in the letter a i'm going to read through 
here to see if there are any type of videos   that i want to do that might be a good affiliate 
opportunity now i did a little research before   i prepared for this video and i found that when i 
was going to how to and i just put in the letter j   i found how to journal and i use this tool 
that i'm going to put in the description below   that shows me the monthly search volume for these 
questions every single month and you can see that   it's 14 800 people search for how to journal every 
single month so i think this is a good affiliate   opportunity so let me go to how to journal now i 
also use this tool that lets me know if a channel   like mine can actually rank for something like 
this so for example i'm going to go down here   and go to click for weighted because i want to see 
can i actually rank in the search results for this   and let's see what it says it says pour so it 
says that the search volume is really good but   the competition is poor so i should not do a 
video on this but it also gives me some other   related searches that i could probably rank for so 
i want to click on how to journal for self growth and let's see what the score gives me and they're 
saying it's excellent so they're saying that it's   an excellent search volume and the competition 
is very good so probably a channel like mine can   rank for this and when you see a hundred out of 
a hundred that is very good so i would probably   do a video on how to journal for self growth and 
what i would do i would actually buy a journal   i would do all my research on journaling 
just to familiarize myself with journaling   and i'll do a great value pack video on how to 
journal for self growth and then i would post it   on youtube and in the video i would mention 
how great of a journal it is that i'm using   and all just the pros and why it's so great 
and on that i'll put in the description below   if you want to use the same one that i have so 
if anyone clicks on your recommended journal   and purchases it you're going to make money off 
of that sale but you want to make sure it's a   really great journal and you want to actually 
help the person you know see affiliate marketing   can it could be good or bad now there are some 
people here just trying to make a quick book but   i really care about my viewers and i only want 
to promote products and services that have worked   for me personally or for people that i know 
has worked for them i build trust in all my   videos so the person watching can feel confident 
that they are making the right decision making a   purchase based off of my recommendation now this 
is how i make money on autopilot by getting stuck   in the search results and having people watch 
my videos all the time alright next i'm going   to show you my favorite way to make money through 
affiliate marketing that doesn't require showing   your face at all and then i'm going to show you 
how to avoid using your social security number   okay so the way that i make the most money 
through affiliate marketing is from my blog   so just how i use the youtube search results 
i do the same thing for google i find out what   questions people are searching for on google and 
i use this tool to see if i could actually rank   for these different questions that people are 
asking for i then write an article answering   their question in a way that i know will rank on 
google now for time's sake i just did a video on   how i would start a blog in 2022 that will show 
you exactly how i make money through my website   so i highly recommend just checking that out 
for my strategy and how i was able to build   a six-figure business through affiliate marketing 
and how you can do the same my blog has completely   changed my life and like i said if i can do this 
with no experience never understanding how to even   create a website or go through a course so can 
you okay now to the part and how to avoid using   your social security number this is only for u.s 
citizens i'm sorry for all of those who do not   live in the us i'm not sure what those policies 
are for where you live i can only speak to the us   because this is where i live and this is what i've 
been able to do okay so i want to go to and then i'm going to go down to 
apply for employee id number ein   and just you guys know this is only opened from 
monday to friday 7am to 10pm eastern standard time   but basically all you have to do is you just go to 
apply online now they are going to auto populate   you your own unique ein number so whenever you 
are filling out affiliate program and they ask   for your social security number you're going to 
just give your ein number the government gave you   so just so you guys know this is going to 
be a safe way to just use you do not have   to put in your personal information by 
giving your social security number away   when you are filling out several affiliate 
applications now i could go on and on about   affiliate marketing but i think this is good 
enough to get you started as a beginner so do you   guys have any questions let me know in the comment 
section below i am happy to answer them and if you   want to see how i will build a website today in 
2022 and turn it into a six-figure website go   ahead and watch that video right now and i think 
it's a great video for you to fully understand how   i'm able to do it and how you can too alright 
thanks for watching guys have a great day

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