Affiliate Marketing Don’t Make THIS Expensive MISTAKE!

all right so if you are selling other people's products or services and doing any kind of affiliate marketing you might be making this huge mistake don't worry i was doing this too but hopefully you can learn from my mistake and hopefully course correct as fast as possible let's dive in hey friend welcome to episode 268 my name is tanya liza i help you grow your brand and grow your business and grow your influence using social media so you can live a lifestyle that you love if you're new here consider subscribing because i put out a brand new episode and free resource for you and your business each and every week i use these strategies to also help me grow my multiple seven-figure business hopefully they help you too typically here's how this works in affiliate marketing you sign up to sell other people's products or services you get on social media and you're excited to tell the world how great these products and services are and you say something like hey to learn more or to buy xyz product go to www dot insert whatever website now guess what happens when you do this you are sending all of your traffic your people your audience to somebody else without collecting their information first here's what's happening and you might not even know it number one the people that might be interested that are going to your call to action they're going to your link they might be interested in this product or service that you're recommending this affiliate link and you are never going to know that they were interested because you didn't have a way to collect their information to implement follow-up number two most people need eight to ten yes eight to ten touch points before they make a buying decision so if you're not collecting your people's information that might be interested in the affiliate products that you're representing how are you ever going to be able to create another touch point and follow up with them to get them warmer and warmer and warmer before they get too hot like buying your product number three again i'm gonna say it again you are sending all of your hard-earned traffic your people your audience to someone else without building your list your database your email list number four you're losing a ton of money and number five you're going to constantly have to create more and more content for other promotional offers so if you're not building an email list database and you're just going out on social media saying buy my stuff buy my stuff then what happens when you come into another great affiliate offer that you want to share with people you're going to have to just go out to the cold market on social media and say hey i've got this new thing and the professionals who are building their email list have already a list of perfect prime potential buyers that when they're introduced to a new product or they have a new promotion that comes into their world they can send one email to an already existing database without having to create fresh new content all the time and grind and grind and grind so here's the solution collect your viewers information using a freebie and get them on your email list i'm going to give some examples to help you out here in a minute but here are the benefits by doing that number one you now have a follow-up mechanism in place for your viewers the second benefit is more touches equals higher conversions so the more opportunities that you can follow up like i said in number one benefit the more opportunities you're going to have to make sales i.e make more money increase your sales conversion ratio number three multiple and i mean multiple revenue opportunities you have a database that you can continue to make relevant offers to this is huge number four you are building a real asset in your business your email list your list of subscribers that you own that you control that is the biggest asset that you could have in your business besides your buyers list and number five you just make more money i'm gonna give you an example and hopefully this gets the juices flowing depending on whatever products whatever services that you might be representing this works for all professions all industries all niches across the board it doesn't matter if you're selling peanut butter or rocket ships this is actually going to work for you so let's say for example you are selling hair care products and let's say these hair care products have really great ingredients in them that is really good for people's hair and this is like one of the big differences that makes you different and stand out compared to other hair care products out there well what i would do is i would create a free giveaway and the giveaway might be as simple as a free ingredients checklist so it might be the 10 ingredients you must avoid when you buy your hair care products so that you don't damage your hair and ruin it over time something along those lines so you know the people when you post this freebie the people that are interested in nice beautiful healthy hair are going to be the ones that decide to opt in for this hair care checklist and they're going to want to learn about the ingredients to avoid now you're going to have a page where they put in their name and email to get that checklist that is going to help you build your email database and you know that that email database now is full of people who are interested in healthier hair go figure that's exactly what you're offering with your affiliate products is products that help with healthier hair so you can see the congruency so right after somebody requests access to that healthy hair guide that you're going to give them you're going to immediately make an offer for somebody to check out your products you already know that they're interested in learning the ingredients to avoid you might give them a solution now on hey here's an easy solution to avoid all of these ingredients and also get some of the best hair care products that are on the market ie buy from you now some people who request this free piece of information from you are going to take you up on your offer right away if you've set this funnel up properly and some people are not going to take you up on the offer right away that's completely normal but now you have their contact information and you're going to be putting them through a series of follow-up emails that go out every day for about three to five days that give them more information that drip testimonials on them that moves them closer to making a buying decision with you now these people are most likely to buy from you also because you've delivered value and you've positioned yourself as a credible authority that cares about helping them before just taking their money and making a sale so this invokes the law of reciprocity with the people on your email list as well and helps you to increase your sales and your conversions with your affiliate products even just your products baby that you've created and services that you have now if you liked learning about this and you are interested in seeing how one of these freebie funnels which i like to call them works i've got a free web class coming up depending on when you're watching this video you might be able to get in and register for it it's called my revenue multiplier master class and i pull you behind the scenes of my multi-million dollar brand and business and i show you exactly how i'm utilizing the strategy to blow up the results in my business when i'm referring out my affiliate products my courses i use the strategy for every single thing that i sell a part of my brand and my business it's super powerful i'd love to invite you if you're watching this video you can click the link in the description area of where you're watching this video or you can go to tania forward slash 268 and you'll see a big yellow button where you can get registered for the web class if we're still doing the web class when you're watching this video get registered it's free right now we're not always going to be offering it but if you see the opportunity to secure a spot come and join us on the web class and you will see this in action and i will show you how you can implement this in your business and how you can sell more of your affiliate products and use this in your affiliate marketing so that you avoid the biggest mistake that i see most affiliate marketers make which is sending all of their traffic to someone else and not collecting their viewers information before they send the traffic to another source so make sure that you maximize all of your efforts in your affiliate marketing journey i really truly hope that you found value in today's episode if you did and you know anybody else that would find value in it as well get it out there please share this with them give it a thumbs up give it a like and drop me a comment and let me know what you liked most about this episode and i'm also curious are you already building your email list and if you are let me know some of the strategies that have worked really well in your business in the comment section below i love to collaborate with you and see what you're doing all right my friend i hope you enjoyed this week's episode make sure to check out the other two episodes that we reference here at the end of this youtube video and i will see you on the next episode of tanya eliza tv [Music]

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