Affiliate Marketing 2021: Earn 508$ passive income in one month (Step by Step)

hi everyone how are you look at this Here 
I am in my invite to affiliate withdrawal   history you can see I started this only three 
months ago in April I got $400 around $478 and   May I got around $347 and the last month I 
got around $500 so I started and from the   first month I got these numbers if you go to my 
digital ocean account referral system you can   see that I have pending $48,000 every month 
I get paid from Digitalocean around $400 to   $600 monthly this is a two real examples on 
affiliate marketing and how to make money   with affiliate marketing in this video course I 
will show you how yo can do the same how we can   build your own affiliate marketing business I 
will share with you exactly what I did and what   I do to promote affiliate products this will 
help you start your online business today and   build a real business away from spamming and 
make some pennies online I want to show you   how to build real business real online business 
from your home stay tuned and follow up with me before we start please don't forget subscribe now 
to my channel turn on notifications like the video   to get every new update almost every day so let's 
start directly and talk about affiliate marketing   how to start with affiliate? by the way a small 
note affiliate marketing is not my main business   it's totally passive income with respect to me 
if you want to know how I make money online my 5   main income streams we can check the video in the 
description below anyway now let's go and see how   we can work with affiliate marketing and build our 
business before we start in just 30 seconds just   for those who don't know what is affiliate simply 
affiliate marketing is promoting or marketing   products for other people simple example now I 
have an online course yes? now you can promote   my course and you will get a commission so 
simple this is affiliate marketing so you get   a commission when you sell a product for someone 
else of course the number that you see here for   affiliate is just a start up you can earn up to 
$10,000 per month you can and up to $40,000 per   month if you work properly and work hard and build 
your business correctly and this is what I wanna   show you in this video so we know now what is 
affiliate marketing and this a real proof on how   to make money with affiliate marketing let's see 
now how to start and where to start three simple   steps 1 choose the product you wanna promote 
create content about this product drive traffic   to your content so simple I think let's go to my 
blog to show you a direct example so this is my   blog and I have around 10,000 views per month on 
my website you can see when you open my blog you   see these two banners these two ads now in my case 
Here I am promoting my own services this is my own   course and this is my own service the free digital 
marketing tools which is you can   see so here in my case I am promoting my services 
but as an example you can add here advertisements   about your affiliate product instead of this 
but as I told you since affiliate is not my   main business I promote I prefer promoting my own 
services and my own courses anyway let's go to   the direct example if you go here to "how to build 
SMTP and send unlimited emails guide" if you open   this article here I'm talking about building a 
server building an email server to send unlimited   emails in the article if you go down here let's go 
to creating a VPS server you can see here that I   am linking to my digital ocean affiliate link you 
can see here and by the way this is a free link   so people can create a free VPS on Digitalocean 
cloud so people will click on this and subscribe   using my link and this is why I get a high amount 
of subscribes if you go back here to digital ocean   you see I have $48,000 pending so when any of 
these spend $25 on digital ocean I will get paid   so simply this is an example I write an article 
and I mention and link my affiliate products   inside the article and then I can drive traffic 
I will talk about driving traffic in a little bit   because it's very important it's the main key of 
success when it comes to affiliate marketing you   need traffic but this is simply the idea choose 
a product create content like a blog post and   then drive traffic and then you will get referrals 
and simply earn money this is the idea what's nice   that this is totally passive so when people comes 
to my website they are coming from Google from   search engines from my youtube channel I'm not 
doing any effort so people are coming subscribing   and I am earning it's totally passive and this is 
what's nice about affiliate marketing in this case   so this is an example a direct example on how to 
start with affiliate marketing again just memorize   it choose the correct product for your audience 
create content about this product and then drive   traffic I think the concept is so simple another 
example on how I promote my affiliate links as   I told you the second step is to create content 
so another type of content is creating videos if   you go now to my youtube channel and let's say so 
like this video an video you want here there's a   free email marketing course and if you go down to 
the description you will see he that I am sharing   affiliate links you can see this link here Mailwiz 
link if you open it it will open codecanyon so   people can buy Mailwiz but using my affiliate 
referral link you can see it here I am shrinking   the link so I can monitor clicks I will talk about 
shrinking link and short things in a little bit   because it's very important also when it comes to 
promoting links and monitoring your traffic anyway   now so you can see when people click on this link 
will refer to this website where they can buy   this application and then I will get Commission 
so this another example on how you can promote   an affiliate link so you can create a blog post 
write about the product and link to it or create a   youtube video which is a video content and link to 
it of course in the video I mention that you can   find a description below and then they click here 
to buy the script so this another example on how   to promote affiliate links or affiliate products 
the third example on how I promote my affiliate   links if you go here to my Udemy profile let's 
go to my public profile on udemy to my courses   you will see that I have around 60,000 students if 
you go down here you will find some free courses   like this one here the email marketing mastery 
course if you open this course it's a free anyone   can enroll and I get thousands of students almost 
every day and you go here to the course you will   see I am linking also to Codecanyon from my free 
course so this is also another strategy you can   do is by creating a free course on udemy or 
any other educational platform but udemy is   the best because it has a big marketplace it 
has millions of students so when your course   is free you will get a lot of enrollments so you 
get a lot of traffic on your affiliate links and   products so this is my third strategy on promoting 
my affiliate products my affiliate links so create   a blog post YouTube videos or create a course on 
udemy and promote the related products or related   links just to refresh your memory the first step 
is to choose the product in my case since I work   in online business and digital marketing and email 
marketing I went and searched for products related   to my niche to my topic so I can promote in 
my courses in my videos and in my blog post   I think the idea is simple another example on how 
to promote your affiliate products is using social   media if you go here to my Facebook page I have 
around 5,000 followers you can see here is my page   on Facebook I have around 5,000 followers 5,200 
followers in the same way I can promote my content   my YouTube videos my articles on my Facebook page 
so I can get more traffic and then simply I can   get more clicks to my referral affiliate products 
so use social media also have some Facebook groups   that I manage I have a couple of thousands of 
people on this Facebook groups as an example   let's go to my email marketing group this is one 
of my groups I have around 1,000 members in this   group I also can promote my content in this group 
also you can use Twitter Pinterest and so on so   this how you can get more traffic from social 
media also to your content and to your affiliate   products the last strategy in promoting affiliate 
links is email marketing and please concentrate   well now because if you do this wrong you will be 
a spammer so how to use email marketing to promote   affiliate links I always get questions telling 
me "hey hasan if I send bulk emails to different   people mentioning some affiliate links is this 
spam?" simply yes spamming in email marketing is   promoting a product a service adding some links 
and sending them in bulk thousands millions to   different people and waiting for clicks and 
commissions this is considered as spamming   okay we don't want to spam we want to build real 
business safe business and you want to promote   affiliate with email marketing how to do this? how 
to promote affiliate safely with emails? number   one is build an email list let people subscribe to 
your email list build your email list and then you   can promote whatever you want to your followers if 
you go to my website here you can see on my main   page I have this subscribe opt-in form so people 
can subscribe to my email list also here on my   channel I showed you a real case study on how I 
collected 10,000 emails 10,000 targeted emails   in less than one month for free you can check 
it in the description below it's a really very   important case study you can learn how to collect 
more emails and how I did this in less than one   month so number one is build a targeted email 
list now if you are thinking big and you want   to build a real business you can use ads to build 
your email list as an example in Facebook if we   go now to the ads manager to create a Facebook ad 
let's click here on create in the target you can   select lead generation in this way you can promote 
a lead magnet which you can use to collect emails   from Facebook using a paid campaign on Facebook 
so we have different methods to collect emails   please review my email marketing mastery course 
my email marketing tutorials here to learn how   to collect emails so after you collect emails you 
can start sending emails to your followers to your   people but in order to keep them attracted don't 
send trash to them always send them high quality   content like you can send them newsletters to go 
to your website and read your new blog post so   you can promote your content with email marketing 
and then you can get more traffic to your website   and get more traffic to affiliate links so 
if you want to use email marketing properly   you need to build your email list and then send 
them emails promoting your content and not the   affiliate products you can send them newsletters 
weekly newsletters about your new YouTube videos   about your new services about your new blog post 
and so on to get more traffic and by the way it's   very important to use short links as I told you 
here in the videos you can see I use always short   links to promote any link to add any link I use 
short links why? simply because I can monitor my   clicks I can monitor my audience if you go here 
and click on login this is my short link service   system that you can subscribe to if you want it's 
somehow cheap anyway you can see I have a lot of   short links here promoting my affiliate and my 
services and almost all my links so in this way   I can monitor clicks from which countries who are 
getting to my website and also what's nice you can   add tracking pixel if you go here you can see I 
add a Facebook pixel to my short links so I can   also use retargeting later on with my Facebook 
Ads with my Google ads with Quora ads to target   people who clicked on my links so you can target 
people who are watching your YouTube videos and   this is very important if you got my point I think 
it's somehow an advanced topic I will create a   dedicated lecture about it how to retarget people 
who is visiting your YouTube channel or clicking   on your links it's very important when it comes 
to retargeting using Facebook ads or Google Ads   or whatever advertisement system you are using 
so this is how I promote my affiliate products   this is how you can start by choosing a product 
creating content and getting more traffic and   the last tip for you to get really high traffic to 
your website and in no time is to use Quora go now   to my description below you will find a link to 
my video on how to get thousands of new visitors   daily from Quora and in less than one week check 
the video description below also i will be very   happy to hear from you any opinions suggestion 
question anything you want related to this video   in the comments below please share your thoughts 
if you have any other strategies we can help   others so other people watching can learn from you 
also and help other people promoting and starting   their online business with affiliate marketing 
don't forget to check H-supertools my free SEO   digital marketing tools read a book every day 
in 10 it's on see you later

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