$500 A Day in Passive Income with Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing – How to Promote Affiliate Links

in this video, you're going to learn how to 
create $500 in passive income with Digistore24   affiliate marketing you're also going to learn how 
to promote affiliate marketing links we're going   to do that in three steps but before we continue 
make sure to subscribe and hit that notification   button because I'm gonna be making more videos of 
how to make money online and you don't wanna miss   them let's talk about how to promote affiliate 
links and make money online with Digistore24 let's go ahead and do that right now the first 
thing this is what we're going to be covering by   the way how to promote affiliate links for free 
on any social media, this is gonna be more like   an affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners 
number two what hack to use to increase your   affiliate commissions with your email marketing 
sequence and number three how to make money online   promoting affiliate marketing links through social 
media platform and you're gonna wanna stay to the   end of this video because I'm gonna give you an 
entire affiliate marketing funnel for digistore   Digistore24 completely free and all you have to do 
is click one button and you could be making money   affiliate marketing on digistore starting today 
but if you want that bonus you have to stay to   the end of this video so you'll know how to get it 
step number one how to promote affiliate links for   free on any social media affiliate marketing 
tutorial for beginners this is going to be very   important for beginners for the following reasons 
that's what affiliate marketing funnel overview   for the people that make a lot of mistakes what 
they do is they go on affiliate marketing   network they pick a product and what they do is 
they make a post on any social media or platform   and now what happens they connect it straight to 
the sales or the affiliate sales page which is a   big mistake because social media platforms 
nowadays don't like any affiliation with   affiliate marketing and this is very important 
to everybody who is listening to me if you're an   affiliate marketer or if you are in the business 
of affiliate marketing make sure you don't spam   because it it actually affect everybody how to 
promote affiliate marketing links free now let's   go ahead and do that the right way you can promote 
anything on social media and you can send it to a   bridge page and automatically it's going to send 
it to an opt-in page and then after that it's   gonna start to create emails this is the right 
way of getting it done and then after that that   happens all automatically which I'm gonna show you 
here in just a little bit and then it sends them   to the affiliate sales page now the conversion 
rate on this one minimum of 40 percent if you do   it the right way if you do it the same way I am showing 
you right now let's go ahead and just talk a   little bit about Medium.

Medium is a blog in case 
you don't know what it is medium is a huge blog   that have a lot of authority and respect by all 
search engine and it ranks very very high you can   create blogs on that platform search engine will 
take it into consideration because it's a high   authority type of blog or a website we're gonna 
connect the dots here in just a little bit we   talk about how to make money online with affiliate 
marketing funnel flow this is how it's supposed to   be you pick an affiliate product from let's say 
digistore24 or Clickbank if you're a beginner   these are the two network that I do recommend 
I'm sure there are some other ones as well you   go and you write a blog you go to Pinterest you 
create a pin for example and the pen is going to   point to your blog on medium after that you will 
have a link inside link right here a link in the   blog that would send people to the bridge page we 
send people to a bridge page because we want to be   as far as possible from medium because of some 
reasons that I'm going to show you here in just   a little bit here's something that you need to 
do affiliate marketing entrepreneurs when you're   using medium.com make sure you do not insert 
links in your first blog post right away they're   going to know that you're there just to post links 
and then number two some affiliate links markets   are prohibited obviously gambling just make sure 
to do your homework okay step number two what hack   to use to increase your affiliate commissions with 
your email marketing sequence and I see a lot of   affiliate marketers, they send me comments and 
sometimes emails regarding that because they are   getting in trouble so I'm gonna tell you how not 
to do that but in case you are just a little bit   confused about what's going on right now I don't 
want you to be confused because I'm gonna go ahead   and explain a lot of things a little bit later 
on so don't be confused if you know me by now   I'm not doing it to sell a course I don't do that 
make money online with affiliate marketing funnel   flow so affiliate marketing network here's the 
mistake that most affiliate marketers do after   they pick the product in the affiliate marketing 
network they go to the resource page and inside   the resource page they are a place where you can 
go and get emails and what happens a lot of people   they get the emails and they just copy and paste 
you talking about hundreds of affiliate marketers   doing the same thing and some of these affiliates 
marketers, unfortunately, they are spammers so what   does the email autoresponders company do they 
take everything that looks like that email that   spam so you want to make things different and i 
covered it in a different video make sure to go   there and learn how to change that email sequence 
with just a click of a button you can do it and   it will be very unique okay I want to show you 
an example of how this works what most people do   they go to digistore they put for example the 
name of the product they click on the support   affiliate support page then they go down to find 
the swipe files or the email files they click on   it and you can see that there are some emails out 
here including some instructions and then they go   down to find the first email second email and so 
forth they highlight their first email for example   second email then they take it and they put it 
in their email sequence that goes to the prospect   so many affiliates do the same thing and that's 
the problem because some of them do spam and when   they spam it becomes an issue so you have to 
rewrite these emails you cannot have the same   exact emails that 5,000 other affiliate marketers 
have and some of them are spamming because   yours will be considered a spammer even though you 
are not spamming let's just take a little break   here in case, you are confused and may be frustrated 
a little bit I don't want you to do that because   I'm going to give you a bonus.

Like I mentioned 
I'm going to give you a bonus which is an entire   affiliate marketing business for digistore 
completely for free now this is also going to   include a lot of things that I'm going to explain 
to you here but in order for you to get that   funnel it's a complete funnel including a lot of 
things that I'm just going to talk about here so   let's go ahead and do that right now the digistore24 it's a Pinterest automated funnel flow here's   what I did I picked a product on digistore24 I 
created a pin from Pinterest I went to the bridge page   then I created an opt-in page and after that 
it would send people to the affiliate sales   page you'll be able to put in any links that you 
want to for example for the affiliate sales page   however, all this is free this funnel is free it's 
a hack that I did that I'm gonna pass into you   now all I expect from you is just to subscribe and 
make sure to vote when you vote that means you are   hitting that like button and when you do that that 
tells me that you want more of the same thing so   I can do things like that which is done for you 
funnel so you don't have to go through the whole   the whole confusion you can just go ahead and 
just download it with one click of a button   digistored24 affiliate marketing funnel what does 
it includes this is a perfect uh for Digistore24   affiliate marketing for beginners because you 
don't have to go through hell to get something   going you can get it going within just a click 
of a button and you could be making affiliate   marketing commissions today it's a pre-built 
digistored24 affiliate marketing automated   funnel it has a bridge page landing page automated 
email sequence free email autoresponder already   pre-written you can import it in just one click 
I'm going to show you how to do that but I want   you to stay with me because what I'm about to 
tell you is going to make your life much easier   instead of just jumping in on the bandwagon and 
trying to get that funnel quickly in order for   you to receive that bonus which is an entire 
affiliate marketing funnel for digistore24   completely free a URL will appear in this 
video somewhere and all you have to do is   stop this video open your browser type in the 
URL then you will have access to everything   including a video that is going to explain more 
about it and you're going to have access to   the funnel and you can download it the reason for 
that is to minimize your competition and later on   in this video, you'll know exactly what kind of a 
competition I'm talking about step number three   how to make money online promoting affiliate 
links for any social media platform how to   promote affiliate links the safe way I'm gonna 
show you how the top athletes actually do it   do what the top affiliate marketers do number two 
all social media platform do not like affiliate   marketing you really have to understand that 
number three almost all social media platform   like links to be sent to a website how to do that 
I'm gonna put in the description below I was able   to get 65 off on this you'll be able to put as 
many affiliate products as you want I showed you   two way a freeway already through medium.com if 
you want to do it that way but this is the best   way of doing it because this is the top affiliate 
marketers do I'm going to put a link in the   description below so you'll be able to have access 
now this is 65 off uh is this 65 for how long I'm not really sure for how long but it's just 
for a few days and I'm gonna explain it don't   worry about anything else at this point the basic 
is basically $2.95 a month what does it include one   website one 50 gigs custom themes that which you 
can pick 24 hours support include a free domain   for one year this is not a mandatory okay start 
with the basic that's fine but uh people with just   a few dollars more they can just do a whole lot 
more than just this you'll be able to do unlimited   websites you'll have unlimited emails a lot 
of people don't know that they have no clue   you can have as many emails as you want now i 
just want to let you know what does that mean   like I said before it's gonna give you a website 
now you have everything free you have the domain   they're gonna pay for it now all you paying 
basically is for the hosting you can get   started and there's I think one month free so take 
advantage of it why not why you want to suffer and   make it really hard on yourself take advantage of 
it I just want to let you know what is the basic   URL structure for example don't worry about that 
because right now everything is HTTPS here's   what's uh for example that could be your name 
or your domain name right here you can create   a page in another word if you have an affiliate 
marketing instead of just sending them to the   affiliate marketer which is the vendor which a 
lot of people a lot of platforms don't like that   you send them to your own website they 
don't mind that I do we do it all the time and   we do it to other customers as well because 
you are sending them to your domain you're   not sending them to somebody else that they know 
it's affiliate marketing now all you gotta do   if you are familiar with that all you gotta do 
is just click a page and then you put the HTML   information inside here and then you'll have the 
whole thing make sure you change your link to put   your own affiliate link for example now this 
is the top people this is what they do because   they're not going to get flagged from their email 
autoresponder for example what the email is sent   you got to understand you have a body of email you 
have to put links you don't want them just to read   it you want to give them the ability to click 
on an affiliate on a link that will send them   to your domain because if you send them through 
the email autoresponder you send them to   an affiliate vendor sales page they're gonna know 
that they're gonna shut down your account don't do   that if you wanna do it you do it the other way 
which is the blog that I showed you on medium   you can do that all right now let me talk a little 
bit about email autoresponder for example it's   free it's not for like for example for 14 days 
then you have to pay the one I'm giving you it's   zero for 1,000 subscribers this is the limit if 
you have over 1,000 subscribers they will charge   you for that now you'll watch what you will have 
you will have unlimited landing pages and forms   unlimited traffic customizable domain you 
can even put your own domain in there but   I don't recommend you doing that you can if you 
want to if you just want to have a domain name   but I would rather you have your own home 
online because people are going to look you   up you got to have a home page for yourself but 
you don't have to do it right away as long as you   have a domain it'll be okay email broadcasting I 
talked about this 1,000 subscribers you also have   a subscriber tagging you can sell digital products 
and free build and launch courses I'm going to   go ahead and give you the link I'm going to give 
you the link of how to get all this that link is   going to take you to a video that video you have 
more instruction of what to do and what not to do   and also has a link inside of it where you can 
Click on it and download everything with one click   but the reason I'm doing this is in case you 
don't know I want to minimize your competition   because there's a lot of buts out there what they 
do is they go and they click they go to youtube   description pages and they click on all the links 
and if there is a funnel or something of value   they take it they sell it or they use it or they 
give it to their own people so that will really   increase your competition big time and if you take 
a look uh right now we right we have it a lot more   than three thousand six hundred it's how much is 
it right now over over seven no more than how much   about eight thousand so what I'm talking about is 
that these are clicks these are FC Fake Clicks or   robot clicks believe me that's why I'm doing 
that because I want you to get that link with   less competition if I put it for the world to see 
it's gonna be very difficult for you to make money   with that funnel, you're gonna get free traffic 
from social media so forth that's fine even from   medium.com which is the blog site that i talked 
about let's say you are getting some for from   Pinterest anytime you are doing free traffic is 
going to be very slow so you have to understand   that it's not something I created this is the way 
it is this is the law of free traffic basically   the best way to do it is with 24 hours targeted 
traffic because you are ordering a targeted leads   24 targeted traffic I do have some people 
that are making some sales with this strategy   and these are brand new people look carefully 
inside this video because the link that I'm gonna   put inside this video is gonna take you to another 
video that has an explanation and has downloadable   clickable link where you can just click on it 
and it'll download it for you but in this one   right here when you see that link stop the video 
type in the URL only in your browser then you will   get to that video if you are a very interested 
in this you'll do that if you're not interested   you're not gonna watch this very carefully you're 
gonna watch it while you are watching Netflix so   if you are watching Netflix don't bother watching 
this because this is for the serious people   and we don't want people who are not serious to 
compete with people who are really serious about   their success if you want to learn everything 
about affiliate marketing and how to make money   while you're starting affiliate marketing click 
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