5 Zero Investment Business for 2021🔥

hello everyone Pushkar Raj Thakur this side today
in this video I am going to tell you V such business which in 2021 are going to make you
earn lakhs and yes these are those business which you can start with zero investment and if
I tell you that zero investment with so business which can make you earn a lot then I think you
should watch this video to the end because it could be possible that in these five in
one of the business there would be your interest and if you pursue that field then you would
earn money also and because business is trending we are going on growth then you also in 2021 your growth from now only you can assure so now we will go step by step and I am going to tell
you about all the five business and let's start with first business and that is affiliate
marketing now what is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing means that we recommend
someone product or services no customers purchase people are purchasing from Amazon and Flipkart
now people want to buy but why not you market that product which people are buying on Amazon
for example if there is iPhone 12 and people want to buy it so why not you do iphone 12
marketing so that you get a commission and not just about iPhone you can do affiliate
Marketing of many products the all the products which are listed on Amazon you can do affiliate
Marketing of Flipkart products you can do affiliate Marketing if I tell you about other
websites which you get different products and services with which you can affiliate
and earn money then those websites are jvzoo.com vcommission course.com so the websites I told
you can note them and with these websites you can choose products and services and promote
them with which you can earn money through affiliate marketing you have to register yourself
as affiliate marketer so this is the first business which you can start with zero investment
now let me tell you about the second business which you can start with zero investment which
is trending and that is insurance advisory business now what is this everyone needs insurance
people do their Health Insurance people get Life Insurance if you have bike and car you
would have got insurance so in every house there is a need of insurance but from the
time there is coronavirus people are more aware that they need insurance Health Insurance
also and life insurance also so if people need something and you only providde it
your insurance business if we take a thing to a business level concept then you will
earn more so not just an advisor you can scale your business in an organisation level so
you can do that this is what you can learn and see there is more demand for insurance
that is why there would be more money recently there is a training program which is launched
for you in which you can learn insurance advisory business in detail and how you can earn
this money from this business for limited time this course is free of cost means you
don't have to give any money 21 days training in description and comment box there is link
with which you can get this training course with which you can learn that how you could
start your insurance advisory business from zero investment now here comes the third business
and that is digital real estate now what is digital real estate see you know Real Estate
there is business in real estate people purchase properties and sell them you would know this
much happens in real estate people make buildings and that is a completely different segment
but here I am going to tell you that most of the money is hidden in sale and purchase
see where the transaction is happening of money there the person who is doing the transactions
that is called a real estate advisor or you can call him a broker so the person who is
taking the brokerage their your fortune is hidden see ultimately what matters in real
estate that we have the property near us and I will tell you where you would get the inventory
but what matters is the lead that is your customer the person who is buying or the one
who is selling so the person you need is the customer so if you could understand lead generation
online if a digitally generate leads then what you have to do you have to make two parties
meet the person who wants to sell and the person who wants to buy and you can earn your
brokerage see in property there is a 1 to 2% of margin so there is 2% commission and
if it is a 1 crore property than 100000 rupees and if Builder floor for flat then it is a
2% Commission for 1 crore than 200000 rupees now there is 5 crore property also and 10
crore property also you have to understand that how you would do this business I will
give you a basic idea how you can do this because we are talking about zero investment
what you do take your car and any 5 kilometre area inspect it and see how many buildings
are being constructed for example if builder is making floors then you can talk to the
Builder that how much square yards it is how many BHK what is your price if you talk about
it and write it what would you get you will get the inventory when you have the inventory
then you can talk to the Builder that can I digital market your property can I post
photos and videos of this place digitally so if you would digitally market them then
it is very easy you have already listing websites magic bricks housing.com you have 99acres
many websites where you can listed if you get the permission from the builder many builder
does not give it but many of them give it also that bring us client if our property
would be so that I would give you Commission now there you could take some packages
other than that you can market them on Facebook and Instagram you can make your pages on YouTube
you can make channel where you would show the videos of your portfolio and then what
will happen leads will come to you when lead will come to you what you have to do make the seller and the buyer meet and you would get the commission and that Commission you can scale as much
as you want now she properties are just in the city no all over India all over world
so you can scale it as much as you want this is your talent I am just guiding you which
business are moving the time so you can start this business from today and there is no investment
in them now IV business which you can almost start with zero investment that is network
marketing you can take your product investment is not involved the companies in which investment
is involved then those are not good for you so you purchase a product for yourself if
you like it then you promote it what happens is you can make your team so what you do when
you make a team at multilevel you make a structure that structure produces a turnover and you
get a Commission on the turnover and that commission is passive income so if you are
not working then also are getting the money now from the time the lock down is there people
have lost their job their business is affected people are finding alternative income opportunity
then you can help them with the help of network marketing so you can also start this business
whose need is there today now as you understand that there is the need of network marketing
let me tell you about a new industry which is booming right now and that is digital coaching
that is our V business now what is digital coaching the there are coaches and trainers
already in every industry if you talk about a small gym then there are also a person gives
personal coaching personal training dance and yoga people teach yoga editing and photography
people are so much talent in India other than that in education someone is teaching physics
chemistry biology now what happens that these people who were teaching kids online their
affected because kids are not coming schools and Institutions are shut down so people are
not coming out of their house no the thing is going digital if you take this coaching
business digital then you can earn money definitely if you charge 500 from a person and you have
20 kids so you on 10000 but here there is no limit in digital you can bring 1000 students
for 10000 because there is no limit of learners so how much you can scale your business just
you can imagine are you understanding how much you can scale it so you can do that if
you have good training material then you can make your proper training program you can
put your program on free platforms for example udemy skill share and there are so many platforms
in which you can list your training program and you can start to earn money so here are
the five business that I told you let's start one by one first is affiliate marketing second
insurance advisory business third is digital real estate IV is network marketing and V
is digital coaching these are those business which in 2021 are going to be a fortune for
you which will make you on a lot of money see what is good is that all the five business
in all these five business I get income all these five business are profitable these are
tried and tested so you can start and you can earn from these five business and as I
told you that for limited time insurance advisory business course that 21 days course is free
of cost so don't think in description and comment works there is link and the understand
insurance advisory business how you can do it if you want interest in any other business
then also there are training programs in which we teach you in detail that how in all these
five domains you can excel and start earning money so if you like this video click on like
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