($5 Per Sign up) Best & High Paying Affiliate Program (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners)

hi friends welcome back to another awesome video 
so friends today in this video i will be showing   you a particular cpu offer or an athlete program 
which is paying you five dollar per signup and   not only for setup they will also pay you for 
sale commission so if you want to know more   about that offer and that offer is very very much 
interesting so to know more all you have to do   is simply follow with this video but before that 
let me recommend you one of the best proxy server   which is uh sockscore.com here you will get the 
best windows stocks five proxy client so you may   have seen some proxy servers that offers you some 
services that with the help of those proxy server   or proxy software you can change your ip address 
and can do your work like cp marketing craig list   and service and all that so in that case this 
software or this service is wonderful all you have   to do is simply come at escort.com by following 
the link which is given in the description and   then you will be able to simply see the pricing 
which are very very affordable so you have to   purchase its plan and you have to install this in 
your system now how to install for this you can   just follow up with the video which i will share 
in the i button now coming back to the video you   have to search on google gizmo okay just make sure 
that your spelling is correct gized mojo all right   gizmo so you have to search and you will come on 
gizmogoogle.com now what type of website it is and   and how we can earn money with this for develop 
website first of all you have to understand this   only so as you can see the safe and simple way 
to sell electronics so as you can see by the   headline you will be able to understand that uh 
here uh one can sell the electronic items like   a mobile laptop tablet cpu iphone and all that 
okay so uh you may have heard about olx which   is very very famous in india so similar to this 
it is a gizmo which is also very very popular so   let us see the traffic of similar web just wait a 
second as you can see the traffic is more than 41   000.20 okay it is good and it is good enough 
uh so you can easily believe on this website   all right now here one can just simply sell his 
or her electronic items as you can see we buy new   as well as used electronics which means that 
here on this platform you will get a new new   electronics also as well as secondhand which 
means use electronics okay so in both the case   uh you will get commission just don't worry all 
you have to do is simply you have to join the   affiliate program of kizmobo and then you have to 
pick the links to promote to your audience i mean   this it has broad audience i mean it has broad 
audience it is just amazing all you have to do is   simply join its affiliate program but wait my dear 
friends before this you have to understand this   website in a more better way so like for example 
if i am a customer and if i follow your affiliate   link and for example if you have promoted me in 
these types of electronics for example this imac   and now if i am a customer and i want to buy this 
imac so first of all it will ask me that capacity   4gb uh okay let me and processor and it will ask 
the condition do you want to buy the brand new   imac or like like new one a good one or a damaged 
condition so i think if if i want to buy some use   electrons i can go with like new and is the apple 
id signed out yes or no so you can say yes it   should be signed out so you can see the pricing 
which is only and only 210 which is very very   affordable because because it is used imac okay so 
are you understanding what i'm explaining to you   okay so you have to just a customer will apply 
the filter and paste on the filter gizmo will   show the price of the particular item so in this 
way this website works and uh as you can see below   attention we do not accept um products that have 
been reported lost or stolen which means that they   will sell legal products it means you can easily 
trust on this website so now let me come back to   this website which is amazing so i think that you 
have understood this website the working system   of this website which means that uh here you will 
get some used and brand new electronics but i am   not telling you to buy what i am telling you is 
just to simply join the affiliate program of this   gizmo website so that you can pick its affiliate 
link and start promoting it to the audience okay   you can promote to any kind of audience no 
matter because it has broadens everyone wants   to buy iphone imac and all that and hence in 
this case it would be very very easy for you   to promote and earn from this athlete program for 
this you have to simply come to your share sale   dashboard and then you have to simply go in the 
search for merchants part so you have to simply   search for this offer which is kismogo and then 
press go all right now here you will get as you   can see you are going to get paid a five dollar 
per lead and along with this 10 person person   which means that if someone follows you every link 
and simply purchase any of the products over here   you're going to get 10 of it so as you can 
see iphone it is iphone 10 which is available   uh just various images available at 284 dollar 
so the 10 percent of it is 28 almost so in this   case you will get 28 dollar commission okay and in 
the iphone 11 you will get 45 commission so it is   also paying you a good sale commission now coming 
on the signup commission which is lead commission   as you can see in the commission rates and default 
rates lead commission 5 which simply means that   if someone follows your affiliate link and simply 
does a free sign up or a lead so for that lead for   that sign up you're going to get five dollar 
commission and i think it is the easiest or   easiest way to earn money online through affiliate 
marketing because here in this case you only need   to promote this particular platform with this 
which is gizmo okay it is a marketplace where   one can just sell or buy any any types or any 
type of views electronics okay so in this way   you can easily earn money online with the help of 
affiliate marketing uh with the help of this gizmo   athlete program so the very first thing that you 
have to do is simply you have to follow the link   which is given in the description of share a seal 
if you haven't get approved on yourself so first   of all you have to get approved on share sale 
by following the link given in the description   and then you have to search for this gizmo offer 
and you can read the terms and conditions over   here before promoting it okay over here merchant 
description you have to read this and ppc keyword   rules you also have to read this okay and after 
this you have to simply join this program as an   athlete so take this so here in this box you can 
you can write marketing plans and strategies off   of your website uh how you are going to promote 
the guest mogul athlete you can describe all   all these things over here in this box so once 
you have get approved from this gizmo go after it   you are done to promote this offer and make money 
online okay now let me tell you the best platform   to promote these kinds of offers iscora because 
as you can see over here you can easily promote   such kind of offer such kind of used 
electronics or products over over quorum   and if you have a website that's great you 
can promote also on your website or you if   you have budget you can run paid campaigns okay 
like you can get paid campaigns on instagram   facebook and all that so it is up to you which 
method you use to promote such kind of offer   but let me tell you my dear friend that this 
offer is very very good for you because the best   part about this offer is that it is it has broad 
audience okay it doesn't have a narrow audience   where you need to promote like email marketing 
as you it has a very broad audience i mean you   can promote to anybody anybody okay because 
everyone wants to purchase these kinds of products   at an affordable cost so here in this case 
it is a win-win chance for you to earn money   online with the help of gizmo go flat for this 
you have to join share seal and then join this   particular program and then you have to join this 
particular program which is gizmo so in this video   this much only i hope you like the video if you 
like the video then make sure you subscribe to   this channel and also press the bell icon for 
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