21 Free Side Hustles That ACTUALLY Work & Earn Money In 2024

– Okay, chances are if you
are watching this video, you want to change your life
by starting a side hustle. Perhaps you just want
an extra $1,000 a month to make paying bills easier or maybe you want to
completely transform your life by starting a side hustle that can make $10,000 plus each month. Whatever your goals are, one of these side hustles on this list should be perfect for you. And even better, all of
them are free to start.

Yes, no paid apps, no paid
subscriptions, no advertising. You can start these side
hustles 100% for free. So then onto our first free side hustle, faceless mobile videos. This slide hustle you might have noticed is popular on YouTube right now because it's making people hundreds to thousands of dollars a day. And the most popular of
the faceless video types is to create faceless mobile videos so that you can then post
them to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts and
earn money from video ads and affiliate commissions. For example, this
YouTuber posted a tutorial showing how he made
this basic TikTok video where he talked about an AI
app over a free Minecraft video that he downloaded from YouTube.

He then put an affiliate
link to that app in his bio and he made $150 from
affiliate commissions. And here's the thing, right? Thanks to AI, you can now start
this side hustle for free. You can use ChatGPT's free version to help generate and edit video scripts, and you can use elevenlabs.io to generate a free AI voiceover. Plus you can get free
stock videos and pictures from Pexels and from Pixabay, and you can use SSYouTube
to download YouTube videos, and you can use the
video editing app CapCut to make your videos, which
yes, is also free too. And speaking of AI, the next side hustle on
our list is training AI. You see, AI companies
are now paying people to complete simple basic tasks such as correctly identifying
people in photos and maps so that they can then train their AI apps on the starter to make them
smarter and more efficient.

One free website where you
can register to do this and get paid is Remotasks. And another free website
is DataAnnotation. Using these websites, users on Reddit have been
earning anywhere from $20 to 40 US dollars per hour,
which is pretty impressive. Okay, so next up is Pinterest
affiliate marketing. Here's how this side hustle works. Check this out. This TikTok video shared how this affiliate
marketer makes over $1,000 from a single pin that's
had about 30,000 views. It's this pin here. You can see that the pin
is just photos of her house that she renovated with an exciting hook about how she renovated
her kitchen for just $325. When you click the link, it
takes you to her blog post where she shares the tools that she uses.

And in it she includes an affiliate link to where you can buy
these tools on Amazon. When people buy these, Amazon pays her an affiliate commission. So you can see that the
strategy is pretty simple. You pin cute photos, which
then link to blog posts that have affiliate links in them. And registering for affiliate programs such as Amazon's is completely free. And the free version of ChatGPT is perfect for helping to
write and edit blog posts. Plus, you can also set up
a free blog on blogger.com if you don't wanna have
to pay to host a website and blog yourself. So onto our next free side hustle, being a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is
exactly what it sounds like. You do admin work like
social media management, basic bookkeeping, customer service, or internet research in exchange for cash. If you're interested in doing this, I personally think that the
easiest way to get clients is to sign up with a
virtual assistant website that automatically pairs
you together with clients that need virtual assistance so that you don't have to do
any marketing of yourself.

These include belaysolutions.com and fancyhands.com if you live in the USA and Virtalent if you live in the UK. All of these are free to apply on. So our next free side hustle is starting an Etsy digital product store. On Etsy, lots of digital
printable products are super popular such as Canva templates and
wedding invitation templates and digital planners. Take a look, over 50 people bought this digital planner today. And even if you aren't an
artist or a graphic designer, don't worry, you can still make
money with the side hustle.

Take for example, this digital poster set. It includes photos from
free stock image websites like Pixabay that have
had the colors edited and had filters applied to them. And these photo posters are super popular. Allure estimates that
they've made nearly $60,000 and that combined, the
digital posters in the store have made over $23,000 this month. So as you can see, you can
even create digital products by using free photos that you find online. And if you are interested in
starting this side hustle, I'll have a link in the video description to where you can start an Etsy store, which has 40 free item listings.

And you can create your
digital products with Photopea, a free Photoshop clone, and you can use Canva's free app to create and design products. Plus, you can also get free
photos and pictures, of course, from pixabay.com and free photos and pictures
from pexels.com too. And this leads me onto
my next free side hustle, starting an Etsy Print on Demand store. And doing this is surprisingly simple. On Etsy, people love to buy
cool merch like T-shirts such as the simple T-shirt
that's had 14 sales in the past 24 hours. And this mug, which has had over 50 sales in the past 24 hours. To sell merch like this, you just come to a Print
on Demand app like Printify and pick one of their products
to sell such as a T-shirt.

Then you upload your picture
that you want to sell onto it, which you can create
using free design apps like Canva and Photopea. Then you just list that product
on Etsy for a markup price. And when a customer buys
it, Printify's print shop will make and ship the
product to the customer while you keep the difference as profit. I personally love the side
hustle for two reasons. The first reason is that
it is a super passive way to make money online,
but the second reason is that there are so
many hidden opportunities that people are just not
taking advantage of with it. For example, four months
ago, I made a video sharing how I had started a brand new Etsy store that was earning $200 a week. Well, now that same
store is earning $3,000 to $4,000 per week. If you're interested in my
Etsy Print on Demand tactics, I'm gonna be creating a dedicated video for that very soon on this channel. But for now, if you would
like to get started, I have a free video tutorial as well that shows how to do this step by step.

And I also have my free ebook, the six steps that six
figure online stores follow to make over $10,000 a month. I will have a link to this free ebook that you can download in
the video description. And something I should definitely note is that if you want to
do this side hustle, you will need to put either a credit card or a debit card on file with Printify. So if you want to do this,
make sure you have access to either a credit card or a debit card with a hundred dollars or so on it. All right, so our next free side hustle is Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. This is when you find a cool item for sale on a website like eBay,
such as this 3D printer, which is selling for less
than $150 with free shipping. And then you go to the
Facebook Marketplace and you choose a USA city and then you create a listing for the item that you found on eBay and you
list it for a market price. So you can see that this
same 3D printer here is selling on Facebook for $175.

When a customer pays for the item, you can then get the eBay seller to ship the item directly to the customer. If you're interested, there
is a free YouTube tutorial which shows the Step-by-step
process for this in depth. So onto our next free side hustle, which is actually quite fun, is doing user research studies. So take for example, this free user research
study website, dscout. They pay people money for
participating in research studies, which they call missions. Take for example this research mission where you track yourself doing
things that you do for fun, such as playing video games. This paid out a hundred dollars or this one here where
participants gave a webcam call to discuss their health. This paid out $75 and they
also have quick ones too, such as this one where people
answered a five-minute survey about coffee and they got paid $2. For many people, the
extra easy money from this has genuinely been life changing for them. Relentless_Ohio said, "I've made a thousand
dollars in two months." Real life saver. Plus, if you enjoy doing this, there are other user research websites that you can register for
to scale up your income.

You can check out the
user research platform Prolific and CloudResearch. Both of these are free
to register for as well. All right, so onto
another free side hustle that has changed a lot of lives. The TikTok Creativity Beta hustle. So if you haven't heard of it before, the TikTok Creativity Beta is their new ad revenue program. It only pays money for videos
that are 60 seconds or longer, but the ad money is a lot of money.

On Reddit, people have been earning thousands of dollars each
month from the side hustle because the RPM rates can be as high as $1 per 1000 views. And this here is a popular
video strategy style for the side hustle using ChatGPT to create funny or creepy stories that are at least one minute long that you play on top of
free video game footage like this video here does. Now, you think about it, right? These basic videos here get at least 100,000 views per video. So if you're getting paid about $1 RPM, that is around a hundred
dollars plus per video and you can make simple basic
videos like this for free. As I said, you can use ChatGPT to generate and edit your stories. On average, it takes one
minute to say 130 words, so make sure your script
is at least 130 words. Then you can use elevenlabs.io to generate a free AI voiceover and you can download gaming
YouTube videos like this one where the creator has given
it a free to use license.

And of course, you can use CapCut to edit your videos for free. And this actually brings me
onto my next free side hustle, being a game tester. Yes, there is a website, PlaytestCloud, that lets mobile game
companies submit their games to be tested and they always
want new testers to register, which is free to do so. On Reddit, users have been
paid around 10 to 20 US dollars for 30-minute testing gigs. So this could be a fun hustle
to earn some extra cash. So onto our next free side hustle, selling trendy pictures on Redbubble. Redbubble is a huge merch store that has tens of millions of customers, but it has a twist. They don't design the merch themselves.

Instead it's their community which uploads cool and trendy pictures, which are then sold onto merch. You get an art commission each
time a picture of yours sells and creating account on Redbubble is free. Just register and upload a picture, and then give it a
title and a description. Then choose which of Redbubble's merch you think it will look good on, and then submit your picture. Within minutes, it will be uploaded and customers can come and purchase it. And when they do, you get a commission. I do this as a small
side gig and every month, I'm passively earning
commissions from my pictures. So I'll give you a quick
tip from my experience and that is this. It's good to keep in mind that most of the users on
Redbubble are under the age of 25, which is why it's not that
surprising that internet memes are some of the top
selling products on here. So do keep this age range in mind when you're creating your products. And of course, don't forget, if you want some more tips and tricks on how you can earn even more money with Print on Demand side
hustles like this one here, you can download my free ebook, "The 6 Steps that 6 Figure
Online Stores Follow to Make Over $10,000 a Month." I'll have a link to this ebook in the video description below.

But if you would rather
just have a free side hustle that pays you cash for simple tasks, perhaps consider being a user tester. Yes, usertesting.com is probably the best and most popular website to
do this side hustle with. You can register for free to
be a web tester on their site. What you'll be doing is simple. You'll be trying different
websites and apps that companies have created and
you'll be providing feedback on how simple and easy they are to use. So I'll give you an example of a test. So take this test here. The user was asked to find
a recipe on the website, and then find the button that
would let them add this recipe to their grocery card. They record their screen
while they did this, talking into their laptop microphone, giving feedback as they
navigated around the site. So as you can see, it's
pretty simple, right? And on average, they
pay about 10 US dollars per 20-minute test, making it
decent, yet easy side income. So onto our next side hustle. This one is a little bit unusual, but if you are a "True
Crime" geek like me, you might enjoy it and
that is being a mock juror.

So you see, before going to trial, lawyers often like to test their case to see how juries will respond to it. And so they hire people to be a part of a mock jury
focus group to provide feedback. These can either be in person
or done remotely over Zoom. Now, sadly, these are
usually only US-based only, which is super tragic because I would love to
be a part of one of these. But if you were in the USA and
you are a "True Crime" geek, you can register for
free with OnlineVerdict. These pay about 300 to $350 per case. But if you live outside the USA, don't worry because this next
side hustle is one that I do and one that anyone
around the world can do, and that is earning affiliate commissions from tutorial videos. For example, on TikTok, I created this popular tutorial video showing how to design and
export flower stickers using Canva.

And in the past year, I have made over $16,000 in commissions from people clicking my
Canva affiliate links after watching my tutorial
videos, which was pretty cool. But I will admit, in my
videos, I show my face. So if you would prefer
to make a faceless video, don't worry because you can do that too. For example, this is a YouTube channel that specializes only in
creating tutorial videos, which has gotten nearly 700,000
views in the past month. I have watched their
videos and I am 99% certain that they are just using an AI voiceover. So that makes creating
tutorial videos even easier. As we've already established, elevenlabs.io is great for
creating free AI voiceovers and CapCut actually has
a free screen capture app for your computer.

So you can then use them for filming the tutorial
videos themselves. And of course, you can then use CapCut's desktop video editor to actually edit the videos for free too. And you know what? This brings me onto my
next free side hustle, which can make a lot of money
and that is selling courses. For example, take this popular
TikTok account, miss.excel. She makes TikTok sharing Excel tips, tricks, and importantly, tutorials. Well, did you know that she
makes over $2 million a year from her TikTok by selling courses? It's pretty crazy and it's
all by funneling people from her tutorial videos to her courses. And so if you wanna create
a course to sell for free, you can. Thinkific is a course creator app that lets you create, host,
and sell one course for free.

So onto our next free side hustle that I actually did when I was a student and that is being a micro-tasker. So this app here, Field Agent, is a great example of a microtasking app. It pays you to do simple
tasks while shopping, such as taking photos of product prices or taking photos of window shop displays. This side hustle also has another name.

It's called mystery shopping, and it's available pretty
much anywhere in the world. However, every country has
their own version of this app. So in New Zealand, Field
Agent isn't available for us. Instead, our version of the
app here is called iShop. And in Europe, there are
lots of apps available too, such as BeMyEye. So check to see which
app is available for you if you're interested in this. Okay, so here is a very
different side hustle, being a rental business.

There are lots of websites out there that will pay you cash
for renting out your stuff such as Turo which lets you earn money by renting out your car or BabyQuip, which lets you rent out
extra baby gear that you have like strollers to parents
that are traveling. One parent on Reddit
said that in two months, they've made $3,000 and they don't even live
in a busy tourist city. And here is another example, Swimply, which lets you rent
out your swimming pool. CNBC interviewed one of their users who had made over $170,000 renting out his pool as a side hustle. And if you own any
interesting electronics, you can rent those out too.

For example, I own some
pretty good filming lights. So I've rented these
out to people privately for some extra easy cash. A great way to find customers
is to do what this guy does. He puts his projectors
that he owns up for rent on Facebook's Marketplace and he makes an extra 200 to $300 a month from people privately
renting them from him. And here's another
interesting side hustle, renting out storage space in your house. Most countries will have their own website that lets you do this. For example, in New Zealand, our version of this website, All Space, lets you rent out extra
space in your house such as in your garage. It's very similar to the
American website, neighbor.com, which lets Americans do the same thing. And it's not just garages
that you can rent out. You can rent out a shed,
a carport, a driveway, and even empty closet space.

Lots of users on Reddit love it and they're now earning
extra money each month for doing practically nothing. And here is another free side hustle that a lot of people often forget about, being a Skillshare teacher. A lot of people don't know
this, but on Skillshare, anyone can apply to become
a teacher for a topic and start getting paid for
students watching your videos. You don't just have to
be a famous influencer or YouTuber like Ali. Case in point here, this
video shares how this teacher makes $500 a month passively
with no social media following. He has just three classes on Skillshare about using a technical drawing
software app called Onshape. He doesn't advertise or
market these himself. All of the traffic comes
organically from within Skillshare. So if you have niche knowledge like this, this could be a great side hustle.

It's free to register to become a teacher, and of course, you can
film the videos for free using just your phone. And you can use CapCut's
free screen capture software for any onscreen tutorials
that you need to record. Plus, of course, you can use
CapCut's free video editor to edit your videos too. All right, so this next free side hustle might just be one of the
most underrated side hustles out there, and that is being a dog walker. Yep, that's pretty crazy. But the market for dog
walkers has been booming ever since COVID Lockdowns eased. The reality is people bought
dogs during the lockdowns because it was easy to walk them while they were working from home, but now they're back in the office. And so there is a huge
demand for walkers to come in and walk dogs during the day
while people are at work.

And getting clients for
free on Facebook is easy. Join your local Facebook
group for your neighborhood and join your local dog
Facebook groups as well and post your services for free. You'll probably quickly find clients. And onto another side hustle that almost nobody is talking about, and that is Twitter or should I say X? Whatever you want to call it. You see, recently, they began sharing ad
revenue with their users.

This YouTuber here showed
how in three months, they had earned $1,300. The way that it works
is that you earn money for each view that your tweet gets. By browsing his account, you can see on average he
gets anywhere from 2,000 to 100,000 views per tweet. Now, you might think that
that sounds like a lot, but if you're strategic, getting those views can be
much easier than you'd think. And that is by creating
accounts around memes and jokes. As you can see, accounts
like these can rapidly grow and get huge amounts of views because they are super
relatable and shareable. Once you've chosen your
meme account theme, you can use the free version of ChatGPT to help you come up with
niche jokes and memes for it. Then you can use the
Imgflip's Meme Generator to turn those jokes into
memes that you can then post. Now, of course, I do have to note that to actually monetize your tweets, you will need a premium
account, which isn't free, but you can start your account for free.

And then once your
posts start going viral, you can then upgrade. That way, you know that
you'll be making money before you spend any money. So then, which side hustle
are you going to start? Let me know in the comments, and I'll see you over in the next video..

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