2 Types Of Affiliate Marketers. Which One Are You?

hey miles here milesbeckler.com this video reveals the two types of affiliate marketing and the goal is to help you understand which one you are so you can apply the right strategy and tactics to your online business because if you get these mixed up or if you get these wrong you're just going to grow more slowly or never at all so the goal is to help you realize that both of these affiliate marketing models offer fundamentally different services to the marketplace okay and we need to get your strategy in alignment with the tactics to make sure you're moving forward quickly i'm seeing in a lot of comments on my other affiliate marketing videos free here on youtube some people don't have this figured out yet so what are the two types well first is the review style and the second one is what i'm going to call the transformational style of affiliate marketing now the review style is often thought of pretty much solely with amazon affiliate kind of websites but you can use a number of different affiliate networks for it but the basics of this idea is that you're helping people fundamentally solve decision fatigue okay the individual who is searching google to find that next thing to buy that solves a specific need we'll get we're going to do an example here in a moment they have decision fatigue have you ever gone to a grocery store and maybe you thought about buying a bottle of wine or something you go to the wine cell the wine section and there's nine rows and there's 17 248 bottles to choose from and you stand there like how in the world am i ever going to make a choice well people are going through this all the time this is why those individuals aren't going straight to amazon or straight to walmart to complete their purchase they don't know which item they want to purchase at this point in time and that is what we as affiliate marketers in that world can do now i built a review website like a case study site on this model recently and in about 15 16 months it's gotten to the six figures per year mark so it's doing 8 300 per month and the website is full of best blank for blank type posts so i often use the kitchen knife example and an example here would be a mum who's at home and she wants to get new knives because she's tired of smashing her tomatoes and she does not like the knife she has she's like i need to get new knives and the kids are outside she's worried they're going to come in with scraped knees falling off their bike in a minute she has another zoom with her work she's got laundry done the dog's barking she's really really busy and she has about 92 seconds to choose what kind of knife and to complete that transaction but she doesn't know which one it is so she goes to google and she types in best kitchen knives for left-handed cook because she's a lefty living in a righties world and she knows that there's something better for her she doesn't want just a good knife the best knife she wants the best knife for her specific needs and goals and what shows up well generally it's content right on google in the search results page it's going to be a blog post on average sometimes it's e-commerce right sometimes she gets exactly what she looks for but oftentimes it's going to be a review post and that's the service that we are offering on this model of affiliate marketing and i'm living proof that it works but here's one of the challenges with this model you're limited there is a ceiling on how much you earn because there's only so many searches per month that people search in the world of kitchen knives if you go all in on a kitchen knife site and then ultimately what they do generally people who are successful in this model is they'll branch out and they'll build another site and another site but the number one most common mistake i see is they start working on site two way too early generally it's going to take hundreds of posts not dozens but hundreds of posts in order to really drive the amount of traffic that they that you need to ultimately succeed now i've broken down uh the one year update my exact traffic uh how much money it was making at the one year mark obviously all the numbers are up from now but that website generates about 1500 visits per month okay and we're generating these clicks from thousands of keyword phrases that deliver traffic to hundreds of blog posts you need to get scale on your side in this game and remember that the number one spot on google in a search engine result page is only going to get about 40 of clicks the number two spot you might be down into the high 20 percent of clicks and below that number three and below you're getting down to 15 and less and less and less it varies on the different niches and the different keywords but the key here that i want you to know is that if you're on number eight if you're spot 12 you really aren't getting much traffic so that whole game is built on creating these types of posts that are going to help people overcome decision fatigue you're going to help them get confident in making a decision right here and now okay so the transformation side of things okay that's actually what you're watching here on this youtube channel and we'll talk about me and my approach to this here in a minute but let's stick in the kitchen so we can keep a little bit of relevance here now let's say there's another mom out there who she used to on her way home from the office would swing by a restaurant and pick up takeout but now she doesn't go to the office anymore because she's working from home and the restaurants are all closed so she's decided that she needs to learn how to cook okay are knives going to be a part of this obviously but she's not looking for a very specific best this for that she's really looking for how to make nutritious healthy meals maybe she wants to help her family lose weight maybe she wants to learn how to cook meals quickly okay meals in 30 minutes could be something she's searching for maybe she wants to do more plant-based meals a variety of keyword phrases in this world that are going to meet her at a much different point now her challenge is not decision fatigue her challenge is transforming into being a competent confident cook in the kitchen okay and that means her search behavior is different and what she's looking for is different she's not looking for someone to help her make an instantaneous decision right now she's looking for a helpful guide she's looking for someone she can trust she's looking for a brand or a person she can trust that when she's ready to go back for another recipe or when she's ready for another tip she can go back to that individual so we meet these people with a wide variety of things like how to like seven meal prep ideas meal prep ideas how to cook healthy meals how to cook meals in 30 minutes best 30 minute vegan meals a wide variety of blog posts and even pinterest pins or youtube videos can meet this person where they're at then we help her begin on the path to transformation get her some knife skills going on really maybe get her a few recipes that she's able to get working with and when she cooks a meal that her kids love her husband loved it was kind of easy for her to do makes her look really good and that recipe came from your website ding ding ding you just elevated yourself amongst every other food blogger and amongst every other uh kitchen cook teacher in the world okay because you just helped her have a win so she's gonna go back to you in that moment she might want to opt into your email list for your seven for your seven day meal prep plan or whatever that is in this moment once she's on your email list that just means she wants more helpful information from you and this is when you might offer a well-timed recommendation for the world's greatest cooking tool for busy moms which is the instapot i actually have no idea if it is i'm just kind of making this up but you see she wasn't looking for an insta pot this is the gigantic difference this is where the divide is okay and the first one she knew what she was looking for and it was time to make a decision in the second one it's much more theoretical it's much more i need to become a person who who manages the kitchen in a way that produces healthy fast food without really destroying my life and taking up hours and hours of time and in that moment she might be ready to learn about the instapot or she might be ready to learn about your membership program or a recommended membership program that would essentially give her access to new ideas to shopping lists to meal prep ideas to really simplify down the process once you trust you now i kind of slipped up there and i gave away a little bit of future information on the transformation side you can recommend those kinds of products the the trainings etc as an affiliate but once you get a big enough audience you can actually replace those affiliate products that you've been recommending with your own products you can create your own membership programs you can create your own information products your own courses your own recipe books and then you can sell your own to your audience and that will simply increase your margins and oftentimes it increases your conversion rate as well because your audience knows you they like you and they trust you now you're going to notice there is potential for overlap here and this is where people start to blend the models and they try to do a little bit of both and that is a recipe for disaster for most people so you need to decide for yourself are you doing the re review approach if so go all in does it make sense to have a recipe opt-in on a review approach well at some point it might if you're receiving a thousand visits per day and you know that these people want more things okay they want more education they want more it absolutely makes sense to begin testing with an opt-in a lead magnet or a pop-up to see if they will indeed convert and then you need to start emailing them but here is the challenge and here's where that can be a disaster for a lot of people it's going to distract you from creating more posts that make you money because in that model of a review-based affiliate website you make money from posts that are best blank for blank right that is 90 of our income of that hundred thousand dollars a year for my case study website is coming from the 115 or so posts that are best this for that okay and we have about 10 how-to posts but ultimately we stay really focused on that website with the best blank for blank because that's where the money comes in from on the other side when you're working in the transformation the odds are you're gonna have to come out from behind the scenes you know that's what i'm doing here now if you've seen other videos of mine before this video becomes a trust mechanism okay this video helps me just move the trust forward and there's no call to action coming i'm not trying to get you on a webinar i'm just giving you helpful information to help you transform your life into becoming a successful online entrepreneur theoretically using affiliate marketing okay and on this path of me just giving videos giving helpful information in about four years and two months i've done something like 625 videos for example of the workload it takes to create success in this kind of world i am in an extremely competitive niche right like the internet marketing and make money online spaces the worst niche for everyone to go into because it takes like nine times more energy and effort to succeed i'm just kind of a glutton for punishment in that kind of a world but in the kitchen world your youtube content starts to go out your blog content starts to go out you can support it with pinterest pins and ultimately when you start to attract new people into your audience and your audience is growing and you're connecting with dozens or hundreds of people every day then you need to get onto email list building and it's really important in the transformational model for you to grow and build and run a list that's ultimately the main asset that you grow whereas on the review model the content on the blog itself is often the most valuable asset okay because that is what shows up in google in the moment when that mom has 93 seconds to make a decision and to buy those knives you need to show up so it's literally the post and the ranking that is all the asset in the first model the second one it's your email list because that's where you recommend the instapot that's where you recommend the membership program that you love that's where you recommend the recipe book that you love and all of those other kitchen tools and kitchen gadgets and things and the value you deliver it's all through the email so with me i'm not promoting an email it's not there's not an opt-in below in the description i'm not going to mention anywhere you can go opt-in but i know a lot of you are already on my list and those of you who aren't you're like oh i kind of trust this miles guy but maybe two three four videos down the line you'll find a few more of my videos youtube maybe suggests some of my videos around maybe one of those has a call to action maybe it doesn't i'm not here to move you into action i'm here to help you transform because once you get to the point where you're in motion you're confident you're excited you're moving forward you're like seeing results and my content has helped you that's really the moment when i've won because then you might be more willing when you find my keyword research videos for example you know i gotta learn this keyword research thing oh myles pops up and you watch my video you're like god that sounds great and you click through and you purchase the keyword research tool that i've used for years that i love that's helped me absolutely grow this brand and all of my other websites that's how affiliate marketing works on the transformation side i didn't meet you in the moment when you're looking for keyword research tool with best keyword research tool i met you when you're just looking for how do i build this thing how do i get an emotion how do i get things going and i've led you to realizing that keyword research is one of those things that's really going to help you out which is why it's in my free report that's why it's in some of my follow-up emails that's why i email about it regularly to my list so this is the key for you is to understand which type of affiliate marketer you are and to really go all in now playing in the transformation side this is the side of the game that can get you up to the six figure per month type income numbers which is an astounding number it's an absolutely crazy and ridiculous number but there is really no limit on the transformation because when you're helping people transform mixed with how easy it is to publish digital media i'm literally on an iphone right now recording this just kind of to prove how absolutely basic and simple it is but this video can reach tens of thousands of people my channel has reached millions and millions of people and when you start to touch the lives of millions of people and you help them improve their lives whether they want to get fit they want to get shredded they want to lose weight they want to learn how to cook they want to learn how to be more nutrition they want to overcome ailments they want to learn how to golf or play games whatever it is whatever that transformation is for them when you help them take that little step forward and then you leverage the the google and the youtube to reach millions of people and they all start to move forward your list is going to grow and that kind of a business model has some massive leverage built in you don't have to deal with the copywriting and the sales and all of this because ultimately you're promoting affiliate products right in the golf world there's revolution golf there's a ton of places you can sell golf clubs there's a ton of e-books and courses you could sell to golfers all you need to do is build the list you can use youtube videos you can use blog posts but you could also run ads you can run paid ads social media ads are an opportunity here you need to have a budget you need to be ready to spend five six seven eight nine hundred dollars a month in testing to really get your opt-in page up to that sixty percent or higher conversion rate it's a great business model and it's very very scalable but it takes some really really really important skills like copywriting whereas and you really kind of got to come out from behind the scenes right if you're going to be teaching golf you're not really going to do it with slideshows for long eventually you're gonna have to get on camera and i can tell you starting this channel from nothing just a few years ago getting on camera is a little awkward in the early days but once that relationship is formed and people know my face my look my brand my ball cap and they see me show up in the search engines they're more likely to click me than somebody they've never watched a video on because they don't trust those individuals we build trust with people faster than we build trust with brands is one of the concepts if that all scares you and you're like i just want to kind of sit behind my computer and build a brand and write hundreds of blog posts that help people make good decisions that is where the review side is both of them work i'm actively moving both of them forward and at some point when you're getting tens of thousands of visits per month you absolutely can blend them together if you so choose but it's not required it can just help you really maximize the return on your investment of time and energy or money as you grow your business i hope this has been helpful for you if you have any specific questions about affiliate marketing or about this video or the two types of affiliate marketing here definitely get at me in the comments below i spend as much time as i possibly can when i have little bits of free time to communicate and to go back with you and forth with you in the comments it is always me in the comments i do not have a virtual assistant in there um it's just me liking and thumbs upping and replying with you but any questions get at me there give me a thumbs up if you like this and really subscribe hit the bell get notified when the new videos come out because i have another video coming out for you next week and until i see you on the next video i hope you are well go create some awesome content for your people go help your audience solve their problems achieve their goals you'll be amazed what you can create i look forward to connecting with you on the next video till then be well

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