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do you wish to make money just like this 
by using two free softwares that will do   everything for you with just three clicks 
of a button hi guys welcome to my channel   today i'm going to show you a beginner friendly 
method to do digi store 24 affiliate marketing   and why is it beginner friendly because you don't 
need any special skills and because it is free and   is it available worldwide yes it is available 
worldwide and how much money you can make   well that depends from you if you invest lots of 
time and lots of work you can make lots of money   and on the other hand if you don't invest lots and 
lots of time and lots of work well you won't make   lots of money so with that being said let's start 
okay this is my digistore 24 account and here you   can see i made 1700 euros that is about 1900 us 
dollars so first thing you need to do you need   to choose your niche so let's say i'm in weight 
loss niche so second thing i need to do i need to   find products to promote so i need to click here 
on marketplace to see all the available products   on digistore 24 that i can promote so what i need 
to do i need to click here on fitness and health   and then what i need to do i need to research 
all of these products here in order to find the   best one for me to promote and let's say i wish to 
promote this product here keto after 50.

Here you   can see i can make four dollars for euros and 
50 per sale and cancellation rate is only 1.7   which is really really good so next thing i need 
to do i need to go on first free software that we   are going to use and basically this software will 
write articles for you totally free and they have   free and paid plans as you can see here so if 
you just scroll here as you can see zero dollars   and you will get 10 credits on a free account 
and after you register you will come to your   dashboard and what you need to do you need to 
click here on a new project to start a new project   and then you need to give a name to your project 
so let's say keto and then click here new project   give it a second to actually process this 
and now here you can see they have lots   and lots of really really useful tools so you 
should definitely check this tool so but what   we need to do we need to click here on ai article 
writer 2.0 click here because we need an article   and here we need to say our topic our topic 
is keto over 50 so i will just say keto over   50 okay english us english and then click here 
generate ideas and that will cost me one credit   give it a second and here you can see it generated 
ideas for me and let me just go through these   ideas okay to the guide for other okay this 
one here 14 ways to make keto diet work for you   numbers in the title are always great because 
people like numbers five ways to do this five   recipes for this or something like that people 
like those stuff so i will go with this with   14 ways okay and now i need to just click here 
generate intros and that will also cost me one   credit so just give it a few seconds to actually 
generate intro for you and it generated intros for   me so i need to choose one of these of course 
you need to read all of this before you decide   which of these intros you will choose so let's 
say i will choose this one here just click here   give it a second and this is my title and this 
is my intro and now i need to write an article   so just click here generate outlines and it will 
also cost me one credit so these are my outlines   and you need to read all of these outlines so but 
i will just choose one of these let's see this   one here just click here give it a second and 
now you need to click here on write an article   and this software will automatically write a 
quality article for you and if you are thinking   well i'm using too much credits don't worry 
you can easily create the multiply accounts   and you can write these articles for free as you 
can see here it automatically write an article for   me and all i have to do now is just click here on 
download and download this article on my desktop   click here on save and save this article and 
that's it and the name of this software is   write sonic so now when we have our article now 
we need to use another free software now this   software will convert your article into a video 
and they have free and paid plans you can register   for a free plan and later you can switch on a 
paid plan and this will be your dashboard after   you register and what you need to do you need to 
click here on text to video and now you need to   choose a format you need to choose vertical format 
because youtube shorts tiktok videos and instagram   reels are really really hot and all of these 
social media are pushing those kind of videos   that is why those videos are going viral really 
really easy and that is why we are going to use   vertical videos and now you need to choose 
one of these templates choose what you think   is best for your own product so let me just choose 
this one here for example just click on it and let   me just choose okay use this template click here 
okay first i need to add a headline to my video   okay this is the headline and now i need to add a 
story so this is the article that i'm going to use   that i wrote in the first software and i will just 
add it that story here okay and then click here on   next and then rearrange text click here and give 
it a few seconds click here next give it a few   seconds to actually convert your text your article 
into a video and here you can see it generated   videos for each of my points in my article that 
i wrote in writer sonic and as you can see these   videos even contain photos and images related 
to keto and if you want you can even replace   these photos and images just drag and drop media 
here you can change this text here if you want   you see this text here you can change it just type 
it here you can edit this video any way you want   and each of these videos is a few seconds long you 
can use this video separately or you can combine   them use them as the one whole video and after 
you are satisfied how your video looks all you   have to do is here in upper right corner click 
on download and share and download this video   on your desktop and the name of this software 
that i use to create these videos is in video   so now we need to upload these videos somewhere 
in order to get some traffic to get some clicks   on our affiliate link and possibly to get some 
sales and we are actually going to upload this   video on youtube as a youtube shorts because 
youtube is pushing youtube shorts and that is   why youtube shorts are easily going viral because 
youtube wants people to create shorts and to watch   youtube shots and this is one of my and here you 
can see this video went viral and got 1.6 million   views that is how powerful youtube shorts are 
so like i said you need to upload this video on   youtube as a youtube shorts and first you need to 
add title and you need to say something like this   seven kit of foods for people over 50 that are 
great for weight loss video one that is why you   need to say video one so people know that 
there are more videos so they should watch   more videos from you and this is really important 
in the title you need to add hashtag shorts okay   because if you don't add hashtag shorts then 
youtube will think this is a regular video that   is why you need to add hashtag shorts and now you 
need to add a description now i already prepared   description so let me just copy this ctrl c 
let me go back here and i will paste it here   and first line your affiliate link should be 
in first line because on youtube shorts when   you click on description you will only see a 
first line and that is why your affiliate link   must be in the first line now in the description 
you should mention your keywords a few times   and when you scroll here you need to add click 
here show more and you need to add tags but as   you can see here tags are not particularly 
important as you can see youtube say tags   are not that important but you should add tags in 
this case you should add tags like keto keto diet   keto diet over 15 something like that but like 
i said the tags are not particularly important   and also you can add thumbnails on youtube shorts 
but we will talk about that in some other video   but also what you need to do is you need to upload 
this same video on your tick tock page and also   on your instagram page and instagram reels and 
you need to upload as many videos as you can   in key to niche in this case or 
whatever your niche is in order to get   even more views in order to get even more clicks 
on your affiliate link and to get even more sales   so this is how you do digistore 
24 affiliate marketing   that's it for today guys if you wish to see 
more ways to make money online make sure to   subscribe to my channel and also don't forget 
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