(1000$ Per Month) Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Step by Step Tutorial)

Yesterday, in my live QnA session, I got a lot of questions asking, "Hasan! Please tell us! As a beginner, as someone who don't know anything online, how to start an affiliate marketing, where to start, and how to start?" So i decided in this video to answer this question. I created a full mini course about affiliate marketing, so you can simply understand where to start, and how to start, to reach your first 1 000 dollars per month with affiliate marketing. And by the way, the comments below for this video will be an open discussion about affiliate marketing. So if you have any problem, any question, anything about affiliate marketing, please mention them below.

I will be more than happy to answer them almost every day. And please if you want to share your experience, share what you did, a case-study whatever you want, you can share it in the comments section. So you can help other people. So stay tuned and follow up with me. [Music] Hi everyone! I'm Hasan from h-educate and today I'm so happy to publish this video about affiliate marketing. This mini course, to help beginners start from scratch to reach their first one thousand dollars online with affiliate marketing. Please before we start, don't forget "subscribe now" to my channel and turn on notifications. And don't forget to like the video, if you like it to help me and support me publish more and more videos. Just a small note before we start, this video is like 30 minutes.I will try my best to cover everything you should know to start affiliate marketing.

So please watch every minute every second in this video because I will share with you everything you should know to start an affiliate marketer and to be a professional affiliate marketer. Maybe get a mug of coffee, get a pencil, a paper, and write some notes and so on. Because it's really very important video to start as affiliate marketer . Let's start! Okay, friends. So what is affiliate marketing? In one minute or less than one minute, simply it's about five words- Promoting products for someone else. That simple! Affiliate marketing is to market products that you don't own. It's for someone else and you will get paid when an action is done on the product.

You heard me! I said "action" and not "sale". What do i mean? You will see later what do i mean. You are not required to sell a product to earn a commission. You can do something else like just making someone enter his email address or sign up only without paying anything and you will earn a commission. That simple! So affiliate marketing simply is promoting products and earning money when an action happens on the product.

Like selling, or signing up, or whatever, as you will see later in this course. Now as a beginner the main question is- How to start? From where to start? Affiliate marketing goes mainly in three steps- Step number two is simply choosing a product to promote. That simple! So we have online hundreds, maybe thousands, of products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. You just need to pick one, or two, or maybe 10 and start promoting, which is step number three. 'Promoting the affiliate product'. Maybe now you are thinking and what is step one? You skipped step one. I skipped it because simply 'step one' is in my opinion, is 'the main' important step in this process. Without step one, you can't go into step two and step three. And it is the main problem of almost ninety percent of beginners in affiliate marketing. They skip step one and they fail. So what is step one? Before i explain 'step one', I must go into step two and explain how to pick products.

Then you will get the idea behind step one and why it's so important? So let's go into my pc and see what products, what websites you can start with, to promote affiliate products. Okay, So here I am in my browser and you can see the first website is warriorplus.com. This is a very good website for beginners. Now I know you will directly tell me warrior plus request approvals on products.

Do you know this statement request approval on products? This is why step one is important. Just follow up with me please. The second network is cj affiliate. The third network is impact.com. The fourth network is clickbank. So please don't tell me I don't have clickbank in my country. You see we have a lot of other networks you can check whatever you want. Network number five is shareAsale. You see we have a lot of networks. Not only those we have a lot of other networks. You can just go to google and search for them, or simply you can go to my description below, and you'll find a link to a list of almost all available networks, and products you can start with. So don't tell me I don't know which product to choose.

I will keep a list of a lot of products to choose from. You have a lot of choices. So these are the websites that you need to start with. So this is how you pick a product. You go to an affiliate network and you will find a lot of products to start promoting. I will go in a little bit practically, and show you an example. Please focus now well. It's very important to listen to these words. If you want to be successful you must listen. Please train yourself to listen. Have some patience.

It's very important. What I will say now, may change the way you think about affiliate marketing. If you want to be successful, please listen to these concepts. Other than affiliate networks, we have affiliate products. As an example, If you go now to a company called GetResponse, It's an email marketing company, providing email marketing services. You can go down here, and you will see the affiliate programs for GetResponse. Now you will see that GetResponse provides two affiliate programs. You can earn up to 100 dollar if you refer one sale. It's a very good choice for a beginner. Also you can get 33 percent recurring commission, every single month, whenever you refer someone to GetResponse. I will talk about recurring and single commission in a little bit in this course. It's very important also to understand.

So this is number one. If you go as an example to other one clickfunnels.com, it's a company that provides sales funnel services to build funnels and sell your products and so on. Also they do have affiliate products. If we go here towards my account on clickfunnels, you can see, this is the affiliate program. It pays you up to 40 percent monthly recurring commission whenever you refer a sale to click funnels. Another product is Sendinblue. As an example Sendinblue, it's also an email marketing company. If you go down, also here, go to partner with us, you will see here that they have a lot of affiliate programs. As an example also they pay you 5 euros on only signing up. So if you refer someone and only signs up to sendinblue, you will earn 5 euros. So please don't tell me clickbank is not available in my country or I didn't get accepted in impact.com. We have a lot of choices as I mentioned in the description below. You will have a link and you will see a lot of products, a lot of services, that you can start with.

Now the main problem let's say you want to apply for sendinblue because i got questions about it. So let's go practically with this. If you apply to sendinblue, let's go to my account to show you this. Sendinblue. Let's go down to my profile, profile settings. When you sign in or sign up to the sendinblue affiliate program, they will request you some information like your website, like how you are going to promote their product and so on. So they request approval. And a lot of you asked me or sent me a question. "hey hassan we apply to sendinblue or to whatever, on warrior plus and we get denial, we didn't get approved, so what we can do?". This is the importance, now, of step one. Let's go back to step one. I showed you this to explain step one. So what is step one? Simply it is establishing presence online. Okay what this means ? In short please listen well. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to start online by creating a blog, a website and presence.

What i mean by presence? Maybe you can start a youtube channel, maybe you can have build an email list, maybe you can have an instagram account with a lot of followers,build social media profiles. You must have something online. Why? Simply because a lot of services, especially today, and in the future, everyone will request approval. Because they don't want spammers or anyone to promote their products. They have their reputation. They want only trusted people to promote their products. So to be trusted online, you simply need to have at least a website, a blog is really very important. Please focus well! If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need a blog. That simple. Don't tell me I don't have money to start a blog. You don't need money to start. You can go as I mentioned before a lot to blogger.com. And create a free blog. You can go to medium.com. And start publishing your articles on medium for free.

You'll have your own small blog inside medium. You can go to sites.google.com and create a free website with google sites. Please don't give any excuse. Please don't give any excuse. Don't tell me I don't know how to start a website. I explained how to create a blog like mine using wordpress here on my channel. You can check it if you want. So the first step is to create a blog, a place where you can post content. Maybe you prefer videos you can create a youtube channel. Maybe you prefer social post, you can go the facebook page or an instagram profile, whatever you want but you need to establish presence.

But I really prefer, it's not preferring it's a must, you must have a blog online. Look at my blog, it's not that perfect blog. It's a simple clean blog with like two pages only like only 15 or 16 articles. But i try my best to give value on my blog and get visitors. So simply when i apply to an affiliate program, they look at my blog, they see i am giving value to people. They simply accept my request. That's simple. This is why you get denial because your website or your blog doesn't look that professional or doesn't give that trust to companies to accept you. So step one is creating a blog and providing valuable content to people. And also getting some traffic. Now you may tell me this may take years or whatever. No! Creating a blog takes less than one hour. You can create a blog now with wordpress in five minutes.

As i explained in my video. You can check it if you want. In five minutes you can create content every day an article in like one or two hours. If you want to be successful, you must work you must work hard. So you can post like 10 or 15 articles in two weeks then start getting traffic to the blog. How to get traffic? Friends! The main problem that you don't learn, you don't watch videos. I explained how to create a blog, how to get to traffic, how to promote affiliate, how to do everything here on my channel. You will find all the videos in description below.

So simply please go now if you want to be successful, if you want to reach the thousand dollars per month, you must have a blog to be accepted on almost 90 percent of affiliate products and services. So please go now and create a blog and finish step one which is establishing online presence. If you can also create social profiles, grow on instagram, on youtube, it will be a lot better also. But at least start with a valuable blog. okay! Now after you create a blog, or even before you create the blog you have to think about something really very important Which is the path you
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want to select or the affiliate marketing products that you want to choose.

Like in my case my blog is about online business and digital marketing. So my products that I promote are GetResponse or sendinblue. By the way, just a small motivation, I start promoting sendinblue like last week. If you go into reporting to show you this. I started like september 26 and today is 15. It's like 19 days, i think. So in 19 days i made around 215 euros as a commission or revenue on sendinblue. And i explained this in detail in three case studies here on my channel. You can review if you want. I explained how i started with sendinblue and how i promoted for free with quora ads and with native ads. You can check them. They are really interesting case studies that you can copy and start making money today with sendinblue affiliate program. Anyway so in my case i am promoting digital services like sendinblue, GetResponse, click funnels. I also promote semrush which is an seo company.

I promote digital ocean, which is a hosting services . Let me show you digital ocean. This is semrush, an seo company. The affiliate program is called be rush. And also it works on shareasale. You can check it if you want. Let me log into my digitalocean account to show you the numbers. Sign in to digitalocean. I will go here to settings, referrals you will see here I earned three thousand four hundred seventy five dollars from digital ocean. And you can see pending eighty three thousand dollars. So i referred a lot of people like 9 000 people to digital ocean using my content. Also i promote contabo, which is a web hosting company. And by the way, contabo is managed by cj affiliate network, so you can request affiliate program from cj and so on. So my topics, my niche is about digital marketing and online business. So my blog, my content, if you go here you will see it's about email marketing, digital marketing, and related stuff, which i can promote from my content. I can promote my affiliate products. So it's very important also to choose firstly what products, what niche you want to start with.

This very important because you will need to create content about this product. Okay! So if your niche is about nutrition and health, your blog will be about nutrition and health. As an example i have another blog here it's called booksandmore.blog this blog is about book summaries. Let's wait a little bit to show you this. This blog is about book summaries. You can see here book summaries. Now what i can promote here simply is books. I can promote affiliate products on amazon which are ebooks or maybe physical books and mention the links inside those book summaries. So you need to choose the affiliate marketing product niche, before you create content and create your blog. So now what you have to do firstly is sit down and see what you love, what you want to create content about, what you feel you can promote, and go, and create content about and sign up for the affiliate networks related to this niche.

Now in my case i work with the companies i mentioned. I work also with maxbounty, a cpa network, i work with shareasale and semrush, i work with clickbank. If you go here to promote section in clickbank, you'll see that we have a lot of categories like art, e-business and e-marketing, games parenting and families. You have a lot of niches and topics you can go with clickbank. Also if you go like to warrior plus let's log into my account in warrior plus. If you go here to affiliate and then go to offers you will see we have also a lot of offers to promote. Now the main problem in warrior plus, as a beginner, is requesting approval. Now i will tell you something that may help you even if you don't have a website as a total beginner. Let's say i sorted by pulse score and i see here the conversion rate is good 22% for this one profit host.

Let's open it. So this is the offer. You can see here it will tell you, you must be approved by this person to promote this offer. This is why i told you step one is so important- is to have some presence. Because as an example if you want to "request approval" now, you need to enter some notes here. As an example you will tell him "i'm interested in promoting profit host". So if you have a blog or a website or a channel or a social media following and you say as an example "i will be promoting it on my blog" and you mention your blog url here as an example. You have a high chance to get approved quickly. Instead of writing only like this -" i'm interested in promoting profit host". Now a small tip, as a beginner, you can say "i looked into your product and i think it's a good product to promote please *let's remove this* please accept my request", as an example, you can send this request and try to request the offer.

And after you request the offer you will get the affiliate link to start promoting it. But as i told you again if you have a website, if you have something online, it will be a lot easier to start on any network you want on warrior plus, on cj and impact, on sendinblue or whatever. Just imagine this scenario, you created a blog and you posted articles about digital marketing for two weeks or three weeks, and then you get accepted on Sendinblue, so you start promoting the first month and you earn like 200 euros from the second month. Don't you think it's a good opportunity to start with? From only the second month you can start making like 200 euros per month at least. I run small case studies here if i want to promote more i can run bigger campaigns. So please just consider step one two and three when you want to start promoting affiliate products.

So this is how affiliate marketing in general works. Step one establish presence. Step two pick a product. You have a lot of products. Don't forget to check the link in description to a full list of detailed products you can pick up as a beginner or as a professional. And at last, we need to promote the products. And this is where the main, not problem, the main idea in affiliate marketing. It's about promoting, it's about marketing. So how to market affiliate products? Now i don't want to waste your time again and again in this video because i already created a lot of videos about promoting affiliate. Let's open my youtube channel to tell you about these videos. So you can go now, watch them and start promoting your products.

If you go to videos, look at this, this is the first one. It's a case study on how to promote with native ads. If you go here, there's a second case study how to promote with quora ads. Let's go down. Here's a free method to promote affiliate products. If you go down, you will see this a step-by-step guide for promoting affiliate product. You see these videos. Then if you go down you'll find a full video on how to get the traffic to affiliate links, and this video is very important please go and watch it now. And if you go down, let's go down, you will see 500 passive income in one month. This is also an affiliate marketing case study, step by step on how to promote products. So i published all these videos like five or six videos on how to get traffic and promote affiliate products. Please go now and watch them to start promoting your products. So this is the idea, the full idea behind starting an affiliate marketing.

Okay friends! Now you may tell me, how i can reach the thousand dollars per month? With a simple calculation i will show you from my results. If you join, as an example, sendinblue affiliate program, and you only got sign ups. how many sign ups you need to reach five thousand dollars? It's only 200 sign ups to reach 1 000 euros per month. So it's really so simple. Believe me it's so simple. Please watch my case studies and you'll learn how to promote this and get 200 signups easily. If you go to click funnels, you will see 40% monthly recurring commission. By the way what's a recurring commission? Simply when you promote a product, you can promote recurring commission products and single commission products.

Single commission simply when someone buys a product you earn a commission that's simple. But recurring commission products you will earn every month for the customer. It's very important. I explained this in detail in my other videos. Please go and watch them.They are very important. Clickfunnels cost around 100 dollars per month for the basic subscription. So if you got one sale you'll earn 40 dollars per month. So how much you need, how many customers you need? You need like only 20 or 25 customers to reach 1 000 dollars on click funnels. Look! the numbers are too small, 20 subscribers or 200 sign ups, very small numbers. You can reach 1 000 dollars per month. Please friends! just try! Go and watch the case studies and start trying, applying these today. Just work hard and some patience and you will see results.

And also if you have any questions, Please leave it in the description below or in the comments section. I will be more than happy to answer any question you want. I'm trying my best to give you all the information you need to start and be a professional in affiliate marketing. Okay friends so i think this is enough for now in order to scale up later and go with advanced methods like promoting high ticket products with native ads and so on. And using large campaigns, using facebook ads, and other stuff. Please follow up with me in my upcoming videos. So don't forget please subscribe to my channel.

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