$100 A Day Roadmap – Affiliate Marketing Part 1 of 3

– So you wanna make your first $100 a day but you have no idea how to get started. And you really don't know how
to do this whole thing works. So I got you covered,
don't worry about it. I've actually put
together just a three part kind of mini training for you guys to share with you how
to do it, how I do it and how you can get started quickly. But the first thing is you gotta start with your niche, right? You gotta know what it
is you wanna talk about, what it is you enjoy doing and that's what today's
video is gonna be about.

So this is gonna be all
about finding your niche. What is affiliate marketing? How it works? Going into more detail and helping you uncover
what's upstairs, right? So if you've ever struggled with, well, what the heck should I sell online? Or what should I promote? Or what should I talk about? What's my business gonna be? This video is for you. And then I'm gonna follow
up with two more videos that are gonna go into
more detail on products and how to find them
and how to promote them. So pay attention. I know you're gonna enjoy
this and make sure to comment. Let me know what you think. And also if you want to dig in deeper into affiliate marketing
and how this works, then make sure to check
out the first link below in my description and you can dive in a
little deeper, enjoy. $100 plus per day. You can do this online in your spare time without like I talked about
before without a following, without experience, without products and without tech skills. And I'm gonna show you how to do that.

So what you're gonna learn
over the next four days. Day one, we're gonna talk all
about affiliate marketing. What is it? How does it work? The basics and we're gonna
talk about finding your niche. Day two, which will be sent in your email. As we talked about,
you're gonna learn about how to find high paying products
that align with your niche and then you're gonna learn
how to promote them for free. These are products that
we can find for free.

Now, day number three is
gonna be all about actually promoting the products
and how this all works. That's gonna be an awesome, awesome day. They're all awesome days but make sure you attend every single day otherwise it's pointless. Day four, this is the cream of the crop. Day four, do not miss this. Watch all these videos in a
row and take this seriously. Day number four is the big bonus day. This is where you're gonna learn the fastest and easiest
way to get this started. How to set this up, how to do this. What is affiliate marketing? So affiliate marketing is simply promoting other companies products. When someone buys through your affiliate link which is just a little link you get paid a commission, that's it. This has been going on for
years and years and years.

This business is growing
by the billions every year because more companies
are seeing the power and having affiliates
promote products for them. Why? Because it's a heck of a lot cheaper to give us a percentage for our product than to pay good old
Zuckerberg at Facebook to run ads for them or Google or wherever. So more companies are putting
out affiliate programs. So more products are
coming to the marketplace which means more opportunities and money for us as affiliates.

So it's very, very cool. And if I haven't said it,
it's free to be an affiliate. So very, very cool stuff. Now with affiliate market. What's great about this business model and why it's such a great side hustle is that it's free to be an affiliate. You don't have to pay to
promote other people's products. You sign up, you get your link and there's every
marketplace under the sun. You can think of Walmart,
Target, Amazon, Home Depot, you name it. I'm also gonna share with you where you can find digital products and where you can find training products things that you can promote
that pay a little bit more money than say physical products. So don't worry about that. Also, what I love about this is it works in every single niche. You can do this, literally in anything.

People are making money doing this, with the craziest craziest things you have unlimited products to promote. There is there's endless products. We will find a product for you to promote, no customer service, no
selling, no investing in storing and products. I've said it a million times but that is the main reason I do this. Cuz I don't want to
deal with any of the BS. I wanna have a business
that's working for me 24/7. And that's, what's great about this model. So this is how affiliate marketing works. Really it is this simple
is you join a program an affiliate program, whether that's through
the company directly or you go to like an
affiliate marketplace, which we'll talk about and then you promote the product. So you choose where you wanna promote it. You can promote on YouTube. You can promote with a blog. If you're somebody who's good at writing you can promote on Instagram. You can promote on Twitter. You can promote on
TikTok, Facebook anywhere and I teach free traffic methods. So I'm gonna show you, I
built my business for free.

I don't pay for ads. That's pretty insane. And then you track your sales. All affiliate marketed places
have backend dashboards. So you can see where your
links are coming from, where you're making money,
where you're not making money. So it's they do affiliate programs have great support for affiliates. So it's really cool. And then you earn commissions. That's how you earn commission, join a program or pick a product as you. if you wanna look at it that way. Promote that product with
your link your affiliate link and get paid a commission. Now, let's talk about evergreen niches. So evergreen niches, what that is is these are the three niches that will never, ever, ever go outta style which means people are making money and all three of these niches and they'll never stop making money.

That's a good thing. Now, keep in mind
competition is a good thing. However, that being said, we need to learn how to kind of niche
ourself down a little bit. And I'm gonna talk about
that here in a quick second. So you have health,
wealth, and relationships. These are the three main
markets that are always making money and will always make money. People will always want to make money. People always want to lose weight. People always have relationship problems or they'll wanna meet somebody. And obviously within each of these things, health, wealth and relationships, there's millions of other sub niches. Does that make sense? So in health you have
weight loss, you have yoga, different sports, protein
powders, vegan diets, keto, paleo how to use kettlebells.

I mean, you also have maybe
mental health in there and things like that. So health is a huge, broad niche wealth. It could be about flipping
houses in real estate. It could be simply how to make more money. It could be about how to get out of debt. It could be about how to invest your money or how to improve your credit. All different types of
things, relationships, how to find a guy, how to find a girl, how to break up with a girl, how to break up with a guy there's even programs
out there that show you how to break up with a
guy over text message. Swear to God. It's very hot niche. People are selling products about here's, how to text your guy or girl and break up with him over text. So get if your wheels aren't churning now they will be soon.

So I'm gonna give you a quick example of how I would niche down and separate myself and say something like the health market, because you just can't go in and say I promote weight loss products. You'll there's too much competition. But if I were to go in
to say the health market and I'm not in the health
market, I'm in the wealth market. But if I went into a health market and I wanted to kind of niche myself down and find products to
promote as an affiliate I would look at myself
and go I'm 48 years old.

I'm a dad. Let's just say I lost
weight doing the keto diet. So I might niche down
and say, I help dads. So now I've already
niche down once over 40. Now I've niche down twice, lose weight. Now I've niche down three
times with the keto diet. So I've niche down four different times. So I've taken myself outta
this huge competitive market and niche down, cuz you
wanna be laser focused on who you are targeting. That's how you were gonna succeed. You can't be everything to everybody. So start thinking about that. It's not rocket science. Think about how you can niche down maybe. And if you take the female version maybe it's single mothers
or maybe it's just women recent college grads,
maybe in the wealth area. It's like you show people how to improve their credit in 90 days, you show a teenagers how to
make money online after school, or you see what I mean? Like there's all
different types of things.

It doesn't have to
necessarily be the age and sex that creates your niche. There's other ways to do it. But what you wanna do is you wanna get yourself out
of what's called a red ocean which means it's super
competitive with shark swimming everywhere everyone's competing. And you want to create,
what's called a blue ocean where you're the only shark swimming. So choosing your niche. So some of this may sound pretty silly to some evening might be like, ah, but trust me I did this and it changed everything for me.

And I'll tell you a story here in a second but the first one is, and I want you if you need
to take a screenshot of this do whatever you need to do. Also, hopefully you're
watching this on a desktop. I wouldn't recommend doing
these trainings on a mobile. If you can wait till you get
home, do it on a desktop. Take a screenshot of
this and go through this. But the first one is,
so this may sound simple but start asking friends and family.

Now let me tell you a story. When I was doing this five years ago I'm kind of a computer geek. So I had a bunch of computer programs that I love to work on. They were business programs, cuz I was trying to start some businesses that failed miserably. And I literally, my wife was in the kitchen
here basically from my kitchen. My wife was in the kitchen over here.

I was sitting on this
couch, that's over here. And I said to my wife,
I said, "Sweetheart." I go "What am I good at? What do you think I'm good at?" She's like, "You're a great dad." And I said, "No seriously,
what am I good at?" She goes, "Well, you're really
good at that computer stuff. And you're really like
teaching people how to use these software programs. And you love talking about all this geeky marketing stuff." And I'm like, "Huh?" Like I just, I didn't
really think about it but it was smack dab in
the middle of my face.

So I started to slowly niche myself towards helping people build businesses using various tools that I use, like landing page software
email automation software, webinar software, talking about how to use just different programs to grow their business, da da. And I was, I just assumed, oh well this is just software I use. But it's a skillset. It's a problem that people needed solved. People are running towards pleasure or running away from pain. If you can solve a problem,
you can make money online. You can write that down. That was a little bonus for you. So next one, most of us
want or have a happier skill that is unrelated to our jobs guys. So what's yours. Think about it. I had a gentleman on a live
call with me the other night.

He's an IT manager and he wants to start doing affiliate
marketing on the side. I said to him, "What do you
like to do outside of work?" He goes, "I don't know." I'm like, "Come on man. There's gotta be something, like, what do you do when you go home?" He goes, "Well, when I go home, I go to my workshop and
I make homemade furniture out of reclaimed wood." I'm like, "That is your niche. That is huge. That is awesome." He didn't think about it
because to him it's so simple. Like he's just like, it's just what I do. It's my hobby. It's my thing. But I explained to him do you know how many people wanna learn how to do what you do? Do you know how many people
would pay you for that? Sarah was his niche.

And then he has so many products. He can promote as an affiliate all the tools he uses
like woodworking plans, woodworking training, and even the best part is in the future he could promote his
own woodworking training or his own woodworking
products or whatever. So it doesn't even have to be your, it doesn't have to be
other people's products. In the future you could
sell your own products. So a business within a business. Now what skill sets have helped
you thrive in work education or if you've done any
volunteer, think about it. Like for example somebody
who's an accountant that might be like, "Eh
use Excel all day long. What's the big deal?" Well, the big deal is lots
of people, me included. We wanna learn how to use Excel because we wanna do our own taxes. That is a skill. That is a problem that people need solved. He can promote products or she can promote products
based on how to do taxes or even just flat out Excel,
spreadsheet programs, and sell.

And he could then link to he or she could then link
to affiliate products, teaching people how to use Excel. So start getting the wheels, churning. Same thing with education. What are some skill from school or maybe your volunteer experiences
that can solve a problem or take people away from
paying or towards pleasure? What skills make you feel empowered? What makes you feel good? Like what makes you feel good about it? And again, these are things
that you might not think of. I love to cook. I don't really want to create, it's more like my thing on the side, but if I really wanted to I could probably start
affiliate program about it but it makes me feel
good when I make a meal and I present it and I
put it out for everybody and they're like, "Oh my
God, this is so great.

How'd you do it?" I could always start
aside another business on just cooking and presentation
and stuff like that. That makes me feel good. That makes me feel powerful. That people are like so
happy with the presentation and this and that. Also what comes naturally to you kind of like the empowered cooking comes very naturally to me. I can cook any recipe. I can do anything. It is very natural for me. I can do it. Think about what comes natural to you. Again, this is something
you may not think is worthy of a skill or a product or a business. But trust me, it is also what
do people come to you for? This is kind of like the
first two we talked about but think about outside
of your daily routine your daily job or whatever it is you do. What do people come to you for? Do they come to you and say, "Hey, can you show me how you
grow those awesome vegetables in the garden. You have the most beautiful garden. You're so good at this. You understand it? Show me how can you just
teach me how you do that? Like, how do you grow
those big ass tomatoes?" Or maybe it's somebody who says
you've lost so much weight? Like, what are you doing? Can you show me how to do it? And you might be like, "I don't know.

I just, you know, I'm I practice yoga and I do this thing called
keto and well, there you go." That's a business. So start thinking about that. What groups are you in? Are you in any Facebook groups or what is it Core groups or wherever? I don't think there's forums anymore. I don't know. But most people are in Facebook groups. I'm in tons of affiliate groups. I'm always talking with
people, learning new things. So think about what groups you're in now. Maybe there's something
there that you could uncover that could potentially be a business and find products to promote. So lastly, keep it open mind. There is a business up here. I promise..

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